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writer has resorted to this operation in four cases,

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vanced as to the serous nature of the pulmonary air-cells. The

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portion of the skull had been removed. Dr. Entler since then, under date of July

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The investigations of Reisseisen and other anatomists have

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It is only as adjuvants that any of the mineral waters are ad-

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tissues after exertion or injury. In some instances

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tioner. The following are nearly the results: 1st. It was

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of nitric acid, a small portion of precipitate No. 1, of first series of

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time it too is to become a mere link in the chain of

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Fig. 4. — A case of consolidation and thickened pleura simulating

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phically and fluoroscopically, both for diagnosis and

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tion of the importance of the chemistry of colloids

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230 Dr. Harrison on Tubercles in the Air-cells of a Bird.

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taneous pain, but it is always painful on palpation.

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any pleasure, once experienced. It is as indestructi-

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bling the short forms of the diphtheria bacillus. The

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has made up his mind that any given sore is syphilitic, pre-

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Terriberry, Debarkation Hospital No. 51 by Lieu- and with the exception of the venereal diseases,

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glands of the neck. She also had a distinct roseola.

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was very broad, so as to cover both his thighs when standing erect,

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ly negative i-esults, so far as the reduction of the swelling and pain

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had neck, axilla, groin, and iliac, the other groin,

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rise in temperature, an increase in intracranial pres-

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there were in the State 296,000 acres of salt marsh,

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Sailed up the Scheldt — and then sailed down again."

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new organization ;" with some practical considerations and de-

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*Read at the meeting of Ihe New York Psychiatric Society,

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of nature, the savage, behaves like the real child ;

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necrotic tissue which- always occurs in these condi-

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cured by ladium. The reason was that an insufficient