Another who is still engaged at the Shanghai hospital
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The first two of these died in 1843 and the society s
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afternoons and evenings of operation day are very much quieter
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tufts thirdly a plastic or productive interstitial nephritis which
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robust persons those who are intemperate or nervous require
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and ladies are exhorted to give up the patronage and acquaintance
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which with our present knowledge we are able to bestow. Other
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gravish clots. Occasionally meningitis has been found with exudation of
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determined by the other associated symptoms of the case. The contraction
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ing to go to a dinner party was suddenlyattacked with hemateme
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kidney. That patient was attended by two physicians who although
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ing attached to the ball. The patient stated that he was about five
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measles before what diagnosis should have been made We might
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At Loretto parents think we are alwa s at games because every
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ever the mud from the canals was thrown on the bank
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changes precede the nephritis. He agrees with Dr. Saundby in not
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been reinfected. Monke s had been inoculated with syphilis and
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poultice applied to the now fully exposed surface. The result has
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chin supposed to have been caught at the same shop.
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hours keeps the patient in a quiet drowsy state ready to take
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tent to produce plugging of the blood vessel. The most important cause is
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and muscles the nature of which is little understood.
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garrison of this city How Ta jin requested that one of