it undergoes no change ; but exposed to moist air,^it slowly under-
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came to us as such a "nice" hypnotic, "not upsetting the digestion,"
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Aortic Stenosis. See Digitalis— Hypertrophy of the
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duodenal catarrh ; this constitutes also the diathesis upon which the
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Measure sulfonamide blood levels as variations may occur:
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was seconded by the Eev. Dr. Craik in a highly eulo-
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to fall down and break his leg. He was taken to the
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equally paralysed, sensibility was normal. Ultimately the impairment of
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5 per cent.) answer fairly well, but the apigmented patches are not
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•was operated on by the author on March 19. He survived
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it for an hour or so, but. she would not part with her " friend " even for a
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ever, relating to the field interested him, and often, when a friend had
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are uninjured! Thus it would appear that Lignine is nearly,
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was modified in some points, to my disgust, but it pa.ssed, and
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former gentleman in the Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift. The subject
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President the MS. of his address for publication, the
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fering humanity, and howevei some men may pervert it,
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from obvious " accidents." It is not unnatural to suppose that such
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antagonist of those who did perform it, erects this circumstance into
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possible to aid rotation, but this is doubtful, as any manipu-
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appeared, and is still in general use. William P. Dewees
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Y., 1898, Ixxii, 589. — Block (E. B.) The agglutinative
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burning or pain (rubefacient action), and if the irritation
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Foot-pads large ; heart-shaped mammae 10-12 in number.
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cocn'-'ttffiOT-N^ioNt^ciicMco cvjcDojT-coooco-^-'-'tco^i-'^-cor-oo'^-h-
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investigations which have been made during the last forty
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from three to nine feet, and grows in abundance and very luxuriantly in
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receiving. Very few children wdio are receiving a sufficient quantity
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by its persistence and by the associated evidences of organic
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there was a decided tendency toward the constant repetition of a few more
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drugs. The man who names his disease and then names
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salivary glands, in the vicinity of the mouth, but numerous small