and Elizabeth C. (Rutledge) Bermingham. At the age of three

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farther than its edges. As to its dimensions, they vary, in

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sumption of those who play upon wind-instruments. In this case now before us we

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Hooper's Physician's Vade Mecum. Tenth edition. Revised

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Ophthalmology, Cornell University Medical College, Ophthalmic Sur-

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Dr. Hedenberg continued: "On my return home from the

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Dr. Fischer has contributed many important works to medical lit-

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that there is truth on both sides, — that in some diseases it may

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erly be described among the clinical phenomena. The changes in the internal

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exceedingly young Western towns. Certainly, that our honored

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the reconstruction of the pelvic structures have been very

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he studied abroad in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Paris, returning

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subjected to the full power of the Weir-Mitchell system for

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its application in cases for which it was never meant? I myself

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bowel was full at the time of the wounding ; nevertheless,

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and Certain Deformities" (The Lancet Clinics, April, 1915).

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