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skull, however, as for rupture of the meningeal artery,

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laws in the state of Wisconsin; that they ask the cooperation of all other

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may be precipitated in any part or organ we wish. For any

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ness of the larynx, which can he helped by a spray of hydrocarbon

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calcium, etc., and the effectiveness of these ions in

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paper read in June, 1891, before the Colorado State Medi-

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mother. The advice sometimes given, to "deliver as quickly as

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the position of the tube, and then reinflate it at another level. The author believes

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most fevers, tends to resolve itself in health after running a definite course,

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or blood glands. The patient may continue in this state for months, or even years —

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a. Surgeon's concept of support. (Separate subparagraph for

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habitual drunkards as persons who, having a distinctive

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of exposure, sudden onset, fever, intense lumbosacral pains, and critical

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inference seems to flow naturally from the foregoing

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hard substance was felt beneath the skin of the right 1^,

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make another trial of the remedy whenever it can be obtained.'

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niste. ficbo m6d. du uord, Lille, 1897, i, 370-378.— vou

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of the pathology of tumours, and this is right, for it makes it

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tile criticism are along correct lines, for the Vic-

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9. By the report of the Western Lunatic Asylum of Kentucky, for the official

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nature of their writings. They do not waste time in deter-

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expected of our women that they should share in the national

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tions, such as pneumonia, erysipelas, parotitis, otitis,

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things best calculated to promote their physical, moral, and

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6. Randall, C. L. : Sarcoma of the uterus. Am. J. Obst. &

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Thomason, First Lieutenant Henry D., assistant surgeon, now at

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tion caused a recurrence of the symptoms. Surgically, cholecystostomy

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after depression) ; prolapsus iritis one (after extraction).

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ity just as a grain of corn is preserved by its environ-

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