are not only totally ignorant of but culi ably indifferent Ui its pois

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at this stage. In the meantime we must survey the field diligently

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abridged by turning when used as an alternative for craniotomy

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of the common cause and how nobly they performed their part it

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while his open fan is sent round for the contributions

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and pathological epithelium. In minute traces it is also found in

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who took twenty four ounces of brandy a day also contrived to

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the bottom. Occasionally the powder is not black but gray. This

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Of the internal glands those of the thoracic cavity are most often attaoked.

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a pure air and are not liable to respiratory catarrh the lungs escape.

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probability of obstruction higher up in the small intestine a median

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fess to be so but a glance at their drawings discovers

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ably begins acutely. Nearly all of the cases that I have met with

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present as an advanced symptom of mitral regurgitation. Active physical

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tion and painful anginoid attacks svmptoms which may have persisted for

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meat or drink to the infectit person or persons theman tobehangit

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fresh standard Marchard preparation of peroxide of hydrogen at

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tampon and repetition of viburnum. Upon removal of tampon

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quickly and have a relatively shorter course than the harder forms of the

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Captain Dunlop said he felt greatly honoured by being asked

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the course of disease modified in them. If we turn our attention

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and consequent abnegation of their functions. This was the view of Addison

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doubt in my mind the irritation produced on the periplieral nerves

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more rapid. Thus the average duration of the non bronzed cases was only

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evidence that the dodge is often successful. But not only should

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brought to the hospital at Shanghai the result of the

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case succumbed eight hours after the operation. He also collected

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cerous tumor and there are examples where a phthisical process in the left

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the administration of a general anaesthetic is undesirable.

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reached. It is a good thing though that Puck has never intruded

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the 700 years which he had been condemned to suffer

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quantities of fluid were removed. Altogether there were twenty two opera

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reports from Section on urgery American Medical Association in the

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arising from the right or pulmonary chamber thus changing their relative

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by the progress and symptoms of pulmonary phthisis. We may however

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With this Dr Heard agreed. Mr Smith and Dr Thomson of

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Legroux who first proposed it in his later writings abandoned the alkaline

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being at the lowest and more deaths occur at these hours than

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racing. The matter was at once taken up by the Medical Officers

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is that our enterprising friends Messrs Parke Davis amp Co. prepare

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a majority of cases fatal distemper small pox may with certainty

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pripheral nerve fibres and an interstitial neuritis having no connec

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trouble in menstruation at the age of fourteen but did not pay

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the contributions of vivisectioniststo the understanding and ameli

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not. County Boards have practiced cruelty under the mistaken

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a very troublesome symptom. Palpitation is not often complained of nor do

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foration is small oblique or valvular the respiratory murmur is inaudible

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tribute to a f ital termination. But the tolerance of functional disorders

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with moderate ability and well applied industry will fre piently

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effects in Hongkong it principally attacks those lately

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the disease. The sudden changes of the weather in the

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once adopt the decimal system but after they find out how cheaply

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fever patients had used the milk while persons living in the same

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minds of a passing generation the commanding figure the benevo

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On the Connection of the Hepatic Functions with Uterine Hy

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The case which forms the subject of this communication is as

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Pericardial fistules due to spontaneous or operative evacuation should be

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pericardial sac by inflammatory adhesions associated with enormous hyper

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fibrous change already described as specially associated with Addison s dis