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31. TJnderhill, p. p., and Princb, A. L.: J. Biol. Chem., 1914,

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mittee which nominated the American Medical Associ-

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rabbits. The clinical notes show that on the fourteenth day after the

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was greatly improved. He was found sitting up in bed, catting out

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In the latter part of the fiscal year 1905 plans were laid for

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venous congestion behind.” The indications for this

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of the American Medical Association to consult with

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is held by most of the former investigators that a " vital factor " is

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Johns Hopkins HospitaL He reviewed 186 such cases and found only 49,

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at a previous time, or become exhausted of this substance, or of sub-

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which is the first finding against the diagnosis of

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course of a year. Microscopic examination showed only a chronic