localized mechanical obstruction to the passage of urine.

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and that each year adds to the increased chronic forms

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advancing the muscle bundles are seen separated by round and elongated cells.

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with a multitude of names and opinions that vary and are often

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The tendency is for the pulse rate to fall and for the tension

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the uterus. Though the physician may not indorse all that Prof.

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fact that alteration in the constituents of the blood will produce murmurs

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No physician of large experience in obstetrics to whose lot it has

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live in a warm equable climate. When occurring with mitral disease digi

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both the relative and the actual transposition of the arterial trunks to the

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In the following number of Brain Nothnagel contributes an im

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envelop rather than compress organs or nerves. From the time that pressure

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and rigors patient treated for influenza ear not examined till

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ment for saving life is situated on the bank of the river

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nomenon to a general congestion of the venous system due to the obstruction

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this way the hospital has been kept open and its effi

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tion believes that the application of intelligent supervision and

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parative immunity from danger which results from repeated exposures to the

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patient to seek medical advice. Heermann states that out of 50

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one of the greatest moral stains upon modern civilization making

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sugar glucose honey beverages confectionery or to any food.

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It mav ultimatelv be found that the reaction is of some value

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is paid to the relative condition of the pulse on the

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were more profound then the various hypnotics would be used

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bottom left hand column Purshiana. The test given as Trom

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