exposure to cold. The author prefers a Davidson s syringe to a

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should be done Was the pyrexia an inflammatory fever due

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larynx destroying part of the cartilaginous rings and

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peeling. He had been using various remedies and had perhaps

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arching forwards the most marked projection being in the mid

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and the inhabitants eagerly wait for the information

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violin. The object of the proprietor is to attract pas

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a moderate sized dog are eliminated in the course of two hours

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was not enough to make an official statement they could expect

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min Jesty s towards the establishment of vaccination. W.

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Percussion over the chest gives a hyper resonant sound with a graver pitched

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One never tires looking at the huge collection in the museum

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Laryngitis in a gouty person is more rapidly cured when we prescribe

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men. By his liberality and his earnestness in conducting

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true not many with chloral hydrate. Since its addition to the

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half inches wide and five feet long are flattened by

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derness of the peri uterine tissues nothing could be discovered by

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at the earliest nine or ten weeks after vaccination 2 requires the

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becomes dim. After a rest the reading can be resumed but the

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doctor this is an enlarged spleen an ague cake and in a few

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be in the assumption that these conditions favor coagulation of the blood and

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the defective development of certain of the branchial arches. In other cases

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however pi oduces eventually a specialization of structure and with

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free both in the serum and within the corpuscles. This established

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retardation of the rhythmical cardiac contractions the left ventricle being

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These cases are I think practically always glandular it may

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similar operative designs. The best point for aspiration is usually in the

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and thin and might readily be perforated so delicate is the muscular

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remarkable subsidiary phenojuena of mitral stenosis is irregularity of cardiac

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was consumed in the fruitless effort to pass it that it was abandoned.

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fever the elements which underwent oxidation were mainly the

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Board next May in Wilmington. Doubtless at some future

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usually associated with an increase in what we call hteraatogenetic tissues.

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Method for Performing Post Mortem Examinations. Adapted

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nounced upon the name of the great and good man who has passed

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attract sympathy in his forlorn condition and obtain

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attributed functional disorders to over straining of the heart by occupations

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Conclusions. A consideration of all the preceding facts leads

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ensure an answer merely to save the applicant from failure. They

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cident Avith or immediately preceding the hemorrhagic infarction inflamma

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muscle. One sweep of the scissors completed the work of the

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This was unilocular with free drainage through the opening and

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These nodules were extremely firm and their position could be

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she has before in ten years can walk two or three miles without

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loveliness which seemingly in unison with the spirit of the hour

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respective assemblies that are annually held in these countries.

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increasing doses. Several cases are reported in which the improvement lasted

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morhi cannot be efficiently met because we do not know what the

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would clear away the mists that now obscuve their sight and permit

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Bacterial Poisoning by Whiskey and Quinine Used for

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diastole does not occur the auricles and ventricles are not completely filled

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circulation and protects the lungs. There are no special physical signs

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passed an act Acts 1883 ch. 286 forbidding these colleges formed

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and papules which seldom become confluent as in measles and

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to improve about the first of April which was marked and rapid