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Accompanying some cases there is vertigo, ringing in the ears, spots

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itching which these worms cause, especially at night in a warm bed, induces

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tory of the emphysema ; if it occurs independently of bronchitis it will

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pitals, where there is not too much injury to the soft-parts, or where

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^™P- ^i^r^,f^^h Bfd Boom, BniMTy. *«., 4to. Alt panona ramlttlna any amouila.

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be reached. There are three coverings of peritoneum in front of

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The profuse sweating, the prickling of the skin, the intense oppression

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C, C. Epithelial cells betiveen the last and wall of

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blood of a septic material which is developed in decomposing animal mat-

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suddenly or so markedly as in pericarditis. In cliildren the vessels of the

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As soon as the fluid effusion is sufficient to separate the inflamed sur-

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certainty; but those advanced emphysematous cases which give rise to so-

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rism. Since, normally, aortic recoil fills the coronary vessels, aortic regur-

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it complicates Bright's disease, the rapid elimination of urea must be estab-

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escape of air into a pleural cavity, are usually well marked, but they are

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ing motion similar to that which accompanies excessive cardiac dilatation.

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, , . " . , , 1 • n elevatiom surmounted by fibrinous deposit.

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micro-organisms and perhaps diphtheria bacilli. If the membrane is

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Dupuytren's Contraction takes place in the palmar fascia. The

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this disease appear during the course of septic diseases, the liability to its

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that it had its origin in the upper story of a rear tenement-house in Mulberry Street, in the most filthy por-

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lungs. The s])ecilic term antJtracnsis is usually employed in the general

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Diagnosis. — The tenderness and soreness over the iliac-joint, to-

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relaxed conditions. It may hang down on the back of the tongue and

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In adults, if the pain is so severe as to prevent sleep, or if there is great

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during childhood and early adult life is a moderate degree of dyspnoea. In

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muscular weakness. Weeks, or even months, may elapse before death or

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affected, the face (in men) should be cleanly shaved, the expectoration

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chill, rapid rise in temperature to 105° or 107°, the sweating, and the re-

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is the rule, though the time of the first paroxysm varies. The morning

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for, but never complete restoration of the voice. As to length of life,

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concussion and compression. The difference in the pathology of these

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thin walls, which is filled with a semi-transparent fluid. The termina-

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There are at present many theories in regard to its causation : first, that

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no eruption was present, I would make the diagnosis with equal hesitancy

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surrounds the pylorus and the obstruction is extreme, persistent vomiting

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