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the Hlinois State Medical Society at its Twenty ninth Anniversary
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application of a constricting bandage to the root of the penis did
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The physical signs of interstitial endocarditis are such as are due to those
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weakness and exhaustion terminated in death by asphyxia. In this case the
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The hemorrhage is the most alarming symptom and is more dan
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Surgeon in the Episcopal Hospital soon afterwards and one of the
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pathology or morbid anatomy not that these are not highly useful
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Dr. Henry O. Marcy reports 14 cases of hernia covering the
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In treatment the first steps are measures to prevent the biting of
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surgical sense which means the prevention or removal or destruc
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Treatment. If the disease is recognized previous to its making an open
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waiters etc. are more liable to contract it. It occurs most fre
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abscess. In two weeks the eye was free from redness and I directed
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of many of the patients in following out his directions
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Symptoms. Hypertrophy is a conservative process usually secondary to
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Dr. Long thanked Dr. AVood for his kind indorsement but said
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vous system. That its assumed tonic properties are not only en
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being a thick layer of purulent lymph over its posterior surface.
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