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that excite inflammation. The condition may complicate acute laryn-
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According to my observation, gastroptosis is not as frequent among
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such as pruritus of the nose and anus, vertigo, migrain, tinnitus aurium,
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looked upon rather as a predisposing than as an exciting cause of ap-
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ter rhythm is equally common. Irregular and intermittent cardiac action
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should be purged gently once or tAvice, after a simple enema, to clear
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aortic second sound is accentuated and the pulse-tension increased.
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with Fronti-spiece on steel. Price per volume, 32.50 net.
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peritonitis, the latter two having been already considered.
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summit, and crescent-shaped erosions. The latter are truly pathogno-
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in the above manner usually suffice to effect a cure (Savelieff). Sil-
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The American Pocket Medical Dictionary. Containing the Pro-
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of matter within phthisical cavities, or empyema with perforation of the
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intense and more extended in area than in the aphthous form, being
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glands, as Avell as Peyer's patches, may stand out prominently, owing to
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graine and epilepsy. This doubtless is so in some cases, but certainly in
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Symptoms. — The subjective spnpfoms are attributed to the mechan-
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one to three weeks, regression of the paralysis begins and may
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for secondary pleural infection. Moreover, the fact that many cases of
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are mildly febrile. The attacks usually come on rapidly, and last but a
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occur in the muscles, usually appearing first in the upper extremities, but