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nicious dressing and reckless imprudence, especially to
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an operation has only been consented to now, when she has reached
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VI. Guide for Women, or Simplified Treatise of Child Birth; Descriptionof
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be supposed to know something of the circumstances connected with his
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medicaments can also be employed according to the ideas
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of the gall-duct, and that it is only a diverticulum from
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occasionally preceded by convulsions. One-eighth of one
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iam Graham, at one time Secretary of the Navy, Gov-
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satisfaction and instruction to be found in this book. The dedication "To my
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phen reaction,^" denoting the presence of cotton-seed oil which, however,
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Erlangen* that, by dividing the cord before the expulsion of the placenta,
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shion of a softly oedematous limb or ankle. The earlier the pe-
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The undersigned are thoroughly satisfied with this system, and
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of the extremities and body has the appearance known aa goose-flesh
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significance of this statement, but it is nevertheless one which is preg-
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very large and somewhat granular, but with clear nuclei ; the tubules also
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the physician should have at his command some agent which in all
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skin occurs at first and that this is followed by sclerosis, and his views
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were flattened or shaped more like the blade of a ra-
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touch, and the little patient tried to relieve the terrible distension by flexing
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fell below the minimum standing. I refused to issue more*
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febrile exacerbation, directing 10 grs. to be given at once, and
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chief reliance must be jirophylaxis and change of oc-
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THE patient was a woman set. 28. She had never been
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by venous transfusion, the remainder being given subcutaneously.
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journals, and having no preconceived opinions, will examine
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descriptions, both anatomical and physiological, are singularly free
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miles, without pain or inconvenience. I was called to him on Friday,
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ferent double current catheters, I finally improvised a
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versicolor has frequently been susjjected to be the conventional " cop-
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used, where the actual cautery is applied, on account of their non-conduct-
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nosis as to the nature of the hernia has been arrived at, he proceeds in the
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this affords him no argument for making him an object on which the
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rated, alarming symptoms occurred several days after
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away, and it ai)peared but too certain that she must perish if she con-
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the pericardium, which had been dissected by tin effused
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so-called ulceration could not be recognized by the sense of touch, for it
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on Wednesday evening, and declared that the sick and
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for plexiform neuroma of the scalp ; (2) child after operation for
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Of batch Al three were positive and one was negative. Of the three
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county commissioner, county physician, or member of board of health
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there is an admixture of purple. The skin is shiny and appears
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the processes of assimilation and elimination, of carrying new
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writers, but the majority of investigators regarded