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Physical Signs. The chief of these are determined by inspection of the

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use of this arm is confined to certain of the troops

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by availing himself of the local anaesthetic properties of cocaine.

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with the child. Her grandparents say that she was bright and

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of the old Spanish proverb Let the miracle be done though

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most auspicious circumstances and I fully endorse the sentiment.

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such as are considered most efficient in producing cerebral anremia

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deposit on the pleura independently of any previous disease of the lung.

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exposure to cold. The author prefers a Davidson s syringe to a

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diseases. During the lifetime of the patient we may have been

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The injection of picrotoxin which had been found by Luchsingcr

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the sympathetic sj stem RieseP compares the symptoms of Addison s disease

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he was strongly of opinion that one of the greatest benefits of such

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that part of the country. During this stay at Tinghai

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five minutes when it was not relieved by a dose of anodyne cough

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Embolism has been observed. Sudden pain in the abdomen comes on

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the use of such means as knowledge and the exercise

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vessel. Firmly attached to these calcific spots and extending

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toward the capsule and causing a slight projection the apex pointing toward

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septic management ruling it all. If it were possible to approxi

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volume of 1889. Much old ground is gone over but this seems to

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Dr. Bahnson moved an indefinite postponement of the whole

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attended with great danger and has not been successful and is therefore

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shortened and simplified. I say to this not proven on the con

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nothing so serviceable as a gargle of salicylate of sodium glycerin

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the history of it in all foreign countries its history in Great Britain

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sources a microscopic fung I or any other material thing the air

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kitten in ever puppy every young animal is prompted by nature

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I have used the antiseptic method both in my private and hospital

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fistula and the average duration of the supra pubic fistula after