dation of nitrogenous substances (nutrient and tissue albumin) is
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5, 21.— Beginnint; of pij^'inentation. The parasite was observed to form a true ring by the con-
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sorption of oxygen by the fruit has much to do with it. The
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In wines there is great roguery. According to Thompson, a
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lectures there as an adjunct course to the regular University
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sive process, and consists of vatting, curing, bottling, racking,
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of the tissues, and whilst the fat remains it probably exhausts
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ing specimen depositing a heavy sediment. On analysis albumin and
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thermotaxic, thermogenetic, and thermolytic apparatuses, increasing
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ner a gradual cooling off and reheating of the sheet ensues, which are
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and houseSj — Coprinus atramentarius. The stalk is short and
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of tissues. It appeared from these that a considerable increase of this
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care should be taken that all such discharges arc collected on bits
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were some hopeful signs, as sound apices, etc., left to comfort
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typhoid fever or typhus fever, or in fact all diseases with a continuous
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ing and purging, more particularly purging, continuously. I
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represents a pulse of low tension, considerable dicrotism, small tidal
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use salicylic acid when the patient has albuminuria, for if
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Canada^ AVe believe we have no department of governuu-nt
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most cases occurring before the tenth year ; after this time the frequency
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(2) When the general symptoms show marked improvement, and espe-
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velop rheumatism. Batton analyzed 115 cases; he found that within 3
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The superiority of the hot-air cabinet bath over the ordinary Turkish
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Humanized ly)np]i is still preferred by some, and when this is used the
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evacuations. Indeed, the disinfecting organization should
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debility, anorexia, diarrhea, and other vague symptoms, finally consult
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forms in which many of the classic symptoms may be absent, lie
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The average for a healthy man is two thousand five hundred
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are concerned, and these faults lie in the nervous system, and
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The carbohydrates are always present, coming from the
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Having spoken of ptomaines and their actions brings us to
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" Under the usual routine treatment of poultices, expectorants, and
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ever, have been made in all parts, and considerable new matter has
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small-pox. The former may, however, be distinguished by its peculiar