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Hospiial; W. B. H. Wood, Mason college, Birmiuffiia'n ; E. W.

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the President, who condemned the administration ot alcohol

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Medical Officer for the ith District of tho Sudbury Union.

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voice. ]Slr. Godlee's case, he thought, was one of stricture in

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has accepted this offer, and every arrangement is being made to

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Sanitary Committee had had two meetings on the subject of the Dublin

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mew's Hospital on February 10th, 1893, suffering from

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Surgeon-Major Frederick Burness. medical officer, 2fith Bombay In-

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TAfi charge jnr iiiMrting announcements of Birlhn^ Marriages^ and Deaths is

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Sons, London; Mr. H. Little wood, Leeds ; Dr. W. G V. Lush, Wey-

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exposition of the duties of practitiooers in consultations in the Code of

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Sir, — In one of the fatal cases recorded in the British

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increasing army of British visitors must also be taken into considera-

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