maintain their normal diameter they must of course be hypertrophied. The

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been carefully described by Bouillaud. These should be considered very

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the fate of these two vessels declined to engage at

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for an indefinite period without proving fatal. At this time I am cognizant

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whole hour every day one would reply that the average patient is

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work which has been done by these examiner and we are confident

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tion in globular richness and for the sake of comparison I show

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tion of the inguinal canal and healing of the wound by granulation.

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Sitting near a window with the good eye closed she can readily

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and lime water. Twenty third day singing and talking. After

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germ and sperm plasm of the parents depends upon the constitution

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instances visible pulsation of the retinal arteries. Anatomical conditions to

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treatment and observing the results in these cases.

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paws. In another similar experiment faradisation of one sciatic

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The greatest number of cases have come nnder notice late in the

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Beaumetz. In the latter case the oedema and cyanosis of parts named above

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patient his clothing from hat to boots his boxes trunks drawers

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the increased demands of a physiological process can be counted a

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were on the road but I assured him such was not the

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so that now there is scarcely an asylum that has not some wards

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general. In the former case the left ventricle is most frequently affected the

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parents have begun right who have faithfully taught their daugh

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He thanked Dr Flett for what he had said as to the immense

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in resuscitation. In the case of others of course as the apparently

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of optics and acoustics the organs of sense are treated

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this abundant material for study right at our hands where do we

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are symptoms of profound blood change and the viscera are involved.

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either of impoverishment of the system or a pre existing disease constitutional

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sons sick with that disease and with the apparel of persons who

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but it is an accentuated booming sound of a very peculiar character.

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pain begins most frequently in the knees extending rapidly to the legs and

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answered questions readily he did not complain of headache and there

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even though nothing point to its involvement. Reminded of this fact we

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Death may result from general anasarca from serous effusions into the

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omnes urinales affectiones tempore incurabiles fiunt ad mellitum

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to suffer from neuralgia of the right inferior and superior trochlear

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mortem examination must be made to determine the cause of death.

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which looks on physical exercise as an end in itself.

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a raw bleeding surface and considerable lengths of the intestine

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the open end of the mould he causes the sugar to cover

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broad the sides about an inch square and being laid on

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assimilation and nutrition. Tl at it causes a shrinking of the red

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the lower extremities with girdle sensations there and in the trunk

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the tumour could be differentiated from the cardiac dulness.

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antispasmodics and opium. Chloric ether and the compound spirit of ether

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parts. It extended from the roots of the hair above the ear down

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have been applicants from other parts of the country as

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than 500 000 cases of the disease. In the government of Irkoutsh which

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tion of the intake of fluid. The nitrogenous content of the diet

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young man entered the city as a Chinese and not as a

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the last Legislature there was no obstacle. He did not supi gt ose

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atmosphere may be pent uji far from the surface in various parts of

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the whole establishment cleared of debt allowing thus

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making organs themselves presents difficulties proportionate to our ignorance

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But are there not some cases in which the surgeon is justifiable in