to govern its treatment as govern the treatment of waxv tlegeneration in

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Differential Diagnosis. — In its earlier stages, it is not possible to diagnos-

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until the spore appears as a very refulgent point. The remainder of the

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localized emphysema may give rise to exaggerated resonance even when

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certain irritating drugs, as turpentine, cantharides, and other stimulating

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seat is in the left ventricle, and is most marked in the colunnue carneai and

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infection has taken place. It seems to be well established that when the

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or establish communication with the bladder, urethra, uterus, vagina, or

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Deformity, the result of this fracture, is usually very great and is exag-

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Treatment. — The surgical treatment is to enlarge the sinus and

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tion of the ducts, has already been considered. AYhen it is due to the pres-

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beyond its etiology, it does not differ from flatulent colic. It may be

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letter may be traced on the skin in well-marked cases.

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fracture of the upper extremity of the femur, extension and counter-

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area sometimes extends from the nijjple to the xiphoid cartilage, and it

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congenital causes are: 1. The continuous persistence of the pouch of

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the result, net of dDution of the blood or of increase in the relative amount of water, but of hydrcemie

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covered with a cold perspiration. The pulse is small and the hands and

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Cancer of the Stomach. — Cancer of the stomach may occur in either

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The means employed for abstracting heat are baths, packs, spongings,

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diphtheria or pneumonia, but death is due to the fact that the system is

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the lung may follow. Where the hernia can not be restored within

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Urinary Sugar. — When the urine contains much sugar it is of a pale,

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Symptoms. —It is difficult to distinguish the symptoms of pulmonary con-

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of what Dr. Still condemned years ago. An instance is as follows:

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lower down, than normally. It may be evidenced by pain at the sym-

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Not infrequently measles leaves the patient in a state of general ill-health.

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of inflammation, or fibroblasts, and the leukocytes, form a wall around

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supinator longus. The loose fragment is readily manipulated, and when

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micrococci. The arteries and veins are equally filled. A transient increase

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atid, except that in the one case a cyst is formed, and in the other it is

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and comminuted. This is a very severe form of fracture, and may

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an external or internal opening, spontaneous or artificial, a connec-

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The influence of age is very great in determining the prognosis in any

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left, upward along the course of the vessels and sometimes in the back.

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attack, are sutlicient to distinguish it from variola.

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circumstances, and functional derangement is at once induced by articles

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it matters very little what astringent solution is used. Wiien the laryn-

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rangements should be made so that it will be constantly inhaled by the

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ble for ten days. After that time, manipulation of the joint, to prevent

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of desquamation the surface of the body should be frequently sponged, and

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