the room. Alcove beds are improper, from retaining the foul
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bowel& It has long been noticed that this acid is peculiarly apt to give
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in gtuiralgia, gtulric ifpasm. cardialgia^ and pyrosis: and has been
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one part of the acid to three of water, has been recommended in puru-
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This is the bark of the Qalipea officinalis of Hancock, a small tn%\
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In certain cases of pituitous catarrh^ or humoral asthma as it was for
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A mtich weaker solution, say of two or three grains to the fluidouncei
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tical Medicine, p. 357. Dr. Milne Edwards states, on the unquestionable
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various lengths, sometimes exceeding eighteen inches, and from less j
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Mudge'B inhaler, which has been much used for this purpose, consists
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8. Action upon other Functions or Organs. Some other effects of
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be detected by standard procedures. A strategem of this type suc-
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parations, repeated as often, until some degree of narcotic effect is expe-
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fore reaction is established. Exactly suth a medicine is opium, tha
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our clothing during night, or whilst asleep, than during day
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of adrenocortical steroids. It may also result in the involvement of
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and propulsive force, over the female ; but she again has, from the same cause,
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Aiiine ie aKserted of the Dugong oit^ obtained fr«»m Uie nuperftoial fat of two epcciet
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periments of Dr. Crumpe, published in 1193, decided, what any one
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Ithe sedative influence of the depraved blood, or directly of some absorl
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effects upon the system, that the former is one of the best instruments
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surface. Two views are taken of its eomposition; one, that it is A ^
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of hysteria ; but, as a general rule, it is better to seek relief, in these
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question. Every one knows that epilepsy, from the very nature of its
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Tannaf.e of lead may be made with great faciiity by adding a solu-
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it is procured, are rejected by the latter. It may be given as a carmina-
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merated by authors among the diseases in which phosphorus has been
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