almost imperceptible, her tongue barked. If there was

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extensive, progressiva multiple tuberculous affections of the joints

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that in myxcedema a much less percentage of the nitrogen

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made during the progress of the case to see whether

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daily, with lime water; her weight reduced in one year fifty-five pounds: suffering from many com-

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of intestine, distended with gas, at once protruded

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were cattle and the rest hogs, sheep, and goats. The Depart-

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In the course of my instruction during the last winter,

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Art. 124. — On Gholeate of Soda in the Treatment of Biliary

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Case V. Mrs. R., .{et. 27 ; primipara ; convulsion soon after labor com-

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abdominal cavity, and proceed to suture or sew up the intestinal

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increasing impression with the public against tin- utility of ibis opera-

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occurrence of traumatic neuritis renders the outlook relatively bad from

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Indo-Chin., Hanoi, an. 7, n. s., v. 2 (8), 30 oct., pp. 593-598, 2 figs. [W'\]

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The Differential Diagnosis of Acute Apjjendicitis. — It is not

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of the most common of the chronic cardiac disorders in man. Auricular

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days, when Dr. Mayer had the pleasure of finding that the incised surfaces

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that is charged with the preparation of our national medicine-book, it is

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large breeds. Tall, bony animals have older-looking teeth than

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fecting chamber; otherwise the underclothing should go to the

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The amoebae may invade the small submucous veins, by which

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discussed in tne columns of this journal, and indeed is en-

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toxins of protein structure, and suggests that means may be found

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bed, he is convulsed ; eyes void of expression ; counte-

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iii. p. 39. — 7. Ebbbt. Annalen der ChariU zM Berlirtf 1850. — 8. Fabbr. Joum. f.

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application of other sciences, to human progress and well- being.

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size of a lemon in the right iliac region. This growth

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sche Archiv. fur Klin. Med., 1884, Hand vi. — and

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male cases). The ages ranged from (Ughteen to fifty-

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fluids of the body, especially in the blood and milk. They are changed by

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•acker dust by ordinary laboratory methods requires considerable

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fulfill its purpose. In this case it must be advanced to a more

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Three of my patients presented urticaria and this symptom, al-

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and sidewise if at hips posts, until clear of the litter, when they halt and

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and the spongiosa so soft that it wjis easily indented with the finger.

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manual examination of the gland and an inspection of its

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The minutes of the previous meeting were read and ap-