so far as successfully eluded the human understanding. But let us

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China and the hospital at Macao was placed under his

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may be obtained from the urine of persons in good health that it

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eighteen months after the established catamenia she had what she

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testinal haemorrhage or other severe symptoms due to a local lesion.

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and fevers the temporary dilatation may undoubtedly pass away with the

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An amanita held in the closed hand will produce all the symptoms

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Avhicli detract from the handsome appearance of the work.

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Mrs. J received August 1st. B vaginal examination in sup

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Avhile candor compels me to admit some failures with it yet I shall

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Dr. Payne called attention to the fact that the pain was due to

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views with Leading Medical Men occupied much space. Some

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death. Among those who have written specially on this subject we would

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least disturbance. I should place the patient and the wound in the

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ment all their uncomfortable symptoms. Their respirations are accelerated

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MATA of the hip joint. Under spinal anaesthesia tropococaine

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the gearings are from the beginning delicately adjusted a slight

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condition are the powers of fat digestion and Von Pirquet s cuta

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convinced were all of the renal character of the disease that the

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dose of the vinegar death Avill follow more speedily than if the

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occurring in pernicious anaemia arc possibly peculiar to Prague.

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advantage of athletics from tlie moral point of view. Dr Flett

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disposed the system that the sting of an insect the chafing of the

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to secure such immobility of the atlanto axoid articulation as to

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days which followed the retreat of our army from Richmond the

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usual shoe shaped ingots in consequence of which the

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downward into the legs. As described to me the pain is at times

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so occasionally how do we explain the disappearance at the end of

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much greater than before and the dispensary in every

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people established themselves in their old quarters.

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kidney and bladder and Prof. Olshausen diseases of the ovaries.

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daily thinning our ranks whilst time is laying its heavy hand upon

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vours to impart Christian instruction preaching to the

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Changes in the Chest wall. The gradual incurvation of the ribs and costal

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l rofession each professing to possess special advantages but not

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not thus mingle when the muscular contraction acts remains to be jjroved.

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ground when seeking a source for this new urinary constituent.

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fistula and the average duration of the supra pubic fistula after

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The short chapter on the general science of prognostics most

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twigs and by beating the blood forcibly produce the separation of the fibrin.

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introduced into the sac and allowed to remain there fifteen minutes. Little

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proper germ poison put into the blood will arrest its development

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at seeing that so great a divergence of opinion exists among distin

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have been obtained by experiments on animals. If animals are

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As regards the subsequent treatment our endeavour has been

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degeneration of the walls of the blood vessels. His researches were

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me to say they cannot at Shanghai make elastic steel

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side the surface to contract until finally the part will be covered

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Caventon 1828 Andral 1839 Barth 1834 and several others and

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perties of solids amp g. Others of the Chinese have also

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tion because that drug has very incomplete influence upon the affected pupil.

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subjects of international sanitary ciuarantine etc.

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the smallest possible exceptions appeared to be sound. In the

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by Electricity by Dr. Inglis Parsons The Dreadful Revival of

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resemble delicate shading with an artist s pencil. The color of the

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mentioned when commenced with a practically normal temperature

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part of the water and add the glycerine and mannite. In another

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been divided into cadaveric clots those of the agony and ancient clots. To

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udation and endosmosis. These are favored by the single homogeneous walla

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of no instance of a carotid aneurism distending the episternal notch. Bar