prevention I think I am speaking advisedly Avhen I call it the

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possible intra cardiac thrombosis and where at the autopsy thrombotic occlu

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sense for instance they are entitled to be considered alive need not

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assistance was to be obtained from the presence or absence of the

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corpuscles in the spleen and liver and from these situations the pigment gets

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blood were unobstructed. This suj position as is apparent is not in accord

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doing that slyly seeking an opportunity to do another

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irait and uncertain movement of the constant drinker his faculties

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giver to the medical profession an earnest and successful promoter

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of correspondences caused it to be valued as a love philtre. The

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a contagion acquired immediately before marriage or from disease

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It gives us great pleasure to notice among our Island neighbors

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next day the eye was clearer and in better condition than it had

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assuring these gentlemen of the entire approbation of their

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doubt aid materially in illuminating some of the obscure questions

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to seek for further propositions from sculptors and this time they

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rent through the pulmonary artery may occur have been mentioned. The

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patches were appeai ing on his forearms. The fungus in all respects

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is probable also that the condition of the ventricular septum influences the

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subtracting so much from the waste going on. I say no more of

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repeated bleeding the organ Avas swollen and contained many such cells as if

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tain localities as New Orleans so as to have become feebly natu

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them abate within twenty four hours. The effect of the drug was

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scissors which has been worked by the hammer to the

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profession to others. I feel convinced that this subject

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At the same time I had flannel applied to the glandular swelling

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frequently renewed counter irritation. Medical Record.

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seeu the temperature run down lower than 95 but in Case

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Sarcoma of the Mediastinum. Primary sarcomatous growths are relatively

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of a cavity or traversing it. Such a hemorrhage is dangerous and

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is soldered round the parts of the device on which the

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of the year when Oxford is clad in natural robes of verdure and

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hysterical convulsion is opisthotonos the patient often resting on

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the peritoneum. Llis appetite was good and he complained of

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although enfeebled is never completely annulled and the heart is not dis

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country town was deceived in this manner and paid a

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life in a spontaneous manner cardiac thrombosis suddenly takes place and

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lesions of the right heart are not frequent causes of dilatation. When the

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the surgeon than any other substance. Moreover in certain cases

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can translator in their admiration for the whole work.

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All authorities consulted advise as a last resort that abortion

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being applicable to both. We now come to the formation of pus

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Four days after the accident he was seen by Dr Bramwell

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large proportion of second attacks are allowable in an epidemic

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manner and to the entire satisfaction of those who believe in the

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in the pulmonary circulation as in cirrhosis of the lung and emphy.seraa

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Wine we have ever seen is the Wine bearing the above name made

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Frof. of Practical Chemistry to Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

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refraction power of the lens remaining the same meet at a point

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The malformations of the conus of the right ventricle may present them

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a disease that is increasing in every direction where there was the

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too rapidly he injected wine and oil through a canula. When the excavated

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of anaemia of high grade without increase in the white blood corpuscles is

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the higher walks of medical life and hence many make haste to

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resistant than normal and depressions are formed on its inner surface. The

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hence useful in the diseased blood of leprosy it is

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be so treated those processes were recommended which would pro

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reasonableness of the advice given for his treatment for the most part must

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silver melts pieces of lead are thrown in and a quan

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officers. Anatomy is totally interdicted both by law and

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in the mouth of the horse with all the precautions mentioned may

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pathic anaemia in which the fatty degeneration is perhaps more marked than

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mia but without any leukaemia and again in 1865 this observer published

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