on tuberculous cattle, the wound opening the synoval sheath of a tendon in

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couragement from elsewhere, if it could be had, would be very accepta-

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Where excision cannot be carried out for various reasons, the X-rays

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tonitis. In older subjects it is characterised by great general or nodular

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rium. Several such instances are on record. But it appears to me

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tacle for the filth and vermin of the old German's head. — Lancet,

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ment the upper lid lags behind, so that the downward rotation of the

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kidney, or brain. It is important to indicate that although the tissues of

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than in reality it is ; for it, in fact,^is but little below the level of the

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cob, in the Dublin Hospital Reports, mentions the occurrence of perma-

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for his ingenious production. — Our respected correspondent, Dr. Met-

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but there was not any ground to believe that mercury bad, in any shape,

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attend William Bentley, of Sheepcote street, Birnnin|ham. On my

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elephant, the molars, however, being much simpler in character, more tubercular,

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amphoric. When the ordinary symptoms of perforation are absent, as

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Boston, will cominence the Mile of a large and very valuable C4>lleetion of books of the above descrip-

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superficial veins over the diseased parts are much enlarged. The dis-

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of the disease makes this wasting much less marked than it is in enteric,

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I between the integument and vein, and turning the back to tbe former, cuts

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toxic changes in the liver -cells of the nature of acute atrophy, or from

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cause was the same that then surrounded him. He witnessed the

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13th. Was convalescent. Her fever left her again on the 8th. Or-

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ously such forms of movement, active and passive, as will remove adipose

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weedy anagallis pliosnicea ; given, when dry and pulverized, from a drachm

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from the mouth down the oesophagus to the stomach, from whence it

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loosens them. Movable bridge work, when it can be applied, is not quite so

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of this truly great and good man, is to be regretted as a common loss,

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cases a copj will be furnished, with tke cArner's tr&me wriftea therein.

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