quoted these cases as an encouragement to the performance of paracentesis of
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Left Ventricle. This chamber is much more frequently affected than any
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separate administrations of half a grain of exalgine did not affect
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patient will SAVoon and appear collapsed. This of course depends upon the
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was loaded with chains and covered with rags in the
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between 35 and 40. The youngest patient was 18 years old.
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Rupture is usually announced by sharp pain coming on during exertion.
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Succinate of Iron in Gall Stones. Succinate of iron is an
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diseases of the reproductive organs of the female and especially of the
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that of the lower animals and even the blood stains upon clothing
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pathological teaching was that in the original ovum something was left out
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The Nervous System. The brain itself is rarely affected but growths hnve
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of the time allowed for decision the consuls referred
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reaction was negative in 29 it was positive the numbers are thus
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defect may be round or triangular with its apex above and with smooth
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keep about their work usually a week or more before going to bedi
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had been no possibility of importation of their germs. These
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walls of the chest. The patient may however die from asphyxia during
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ment of the eighteenth century gave his full and complete approbation to
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of the soil both as to nutrition and the incidence of disease.
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Climate and Country. The disease appears to be more common in tempe
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entirely disappear for one to two pulsations. This is due to the aspiration
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misapplication of this fact has led to the formation of a cult which
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the camp or into any of the large villages for they were
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in Hongkong were sustained for some years with much
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Patholooy and Etiology. The paroxysms of angina have the distinc
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said to be an establishment for vaccination but hitherto
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as they are of being apprehended as for instance those which
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and has been found much atrophied. Lyni hoid growths may occur in it.
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were also affected. There was marked contraction of the fields
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are similar to those found in other collections of dropsical fluid. They are
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on the heart itself and perhaps upon the cardiac ganglia rather
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