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thanking God that such a benefactor to the human race

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numerous mono-nuclear leucocytes. In multiple sclerosis also there was

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regions specified, the skull should be trephined and the pus

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broad, very hard. On section, some portions had the appearance

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removing a scirrhous breast under chloroform, and as soon as

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Zool. Anz , Leipz., 1891, xiv, 93 -90. — Kopfsch. Das

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the board be governed in its selection for the ensuing term by the voice of the

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natant serum is pipetted off, and the corpuscles are made up to the

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last fortnight she had noticed that she was becoming jaun-

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proved that it is not necessary to divide the internal sphinc-

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cult. This task, we feel bound to say, lias been I or learn the latest advance in the treatment of

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III. — Amino Acids have a Tendency toward Conden-

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At birth the stillborn child (congenitally syphilitic) was

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tivum hoc & operativum Principium, T^V <f>6(riv, appellat, rb

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here can mean "strength" or "life". Menelaus says that while he was

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In many instances, individuals couldn't tolerate or

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scious condition, which gradually deepened into coma.

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tions by exciting the cerebrospinal and central ner-

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in this case. According to Biermer, a case could not be called

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only to medical, and not to direct surgical, treatment.

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affected side of the chest, to about the same distance ; in other words, the

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death may be due to inanition and exhaustion. In other cases a fatal

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gen in 4 atoms, or a multiple of 4: 2Hj 0, orH, 0,.

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ease. Wax, of course, comes well up in the list, but it