qualification, at least in England, has meant the licence; the licence
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and the bony consolidation at the seat of operation in the neck of the
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produce delirium tremens ; but our intoxicating drinks contained a good
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paragraph, slightly amended, might form the basis of a resolution
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cles — whilst it may be a fact that the contagium of many diseases exists
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gamate with the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society to form a
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shaving and tooth soap deserves attention as b ing a tooth-soap of
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Dr. Sibson (London) was an old enough member of the Associa-
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incident with low or shelving coasts, valleys and rivers having a direc-
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Louis Bynoe, Robert Cobb, Edward Cheyne, Wm. Theobald Blanton Clark,
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it in a state of disease, particularly if they be suffering from any uterine
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left vagus mainly the left lobe. For the liver, at an early period of
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dients as ordinary bone; viz., phosphates of lime and magnesia, with a
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national registration of all cases of disease coming under treatment at
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town is an experiment which it is well to avoid if it be at all possible
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would lend money at this rate of interest to enable parish authorities,
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The primary object, it is presumed, of testing a man's knowledge of mi-
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Dr. C rlton having left the chair, which was taken by Mr.
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soldiers on whom they waited with such tender devotion. When the train
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must feel sure that a something having specific qualities has been con-
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knowledge, alluded to the melancholy fact that between one and two
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*«* The gentleman referred to in the preceding letter was some years ago an
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might be said with respect to the abolition of restraint in cases of in-
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authenticate them with their names — of course, not necessarily for publication.
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One humerus broke in the surgeon's hand on the application of a very
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the nation no longer interested itself in the matter. In the late struggle
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of persons who were believed to be dead, but were recovered, and
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of Curators which was passed at the meeting held in London, on July
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Urinary Stricture. Of these, 20 liad been submitted to Syme's opera-
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explanation of this is not difficult to find. A case of scarlatina occurs,
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sisted especially on the error of the usual practice of putting the child
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to nearly a fifth of the whole, testify that the duty of the examiners has
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any other Licensing Board within three months previous to his Exa-
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Homewood, aged 43, married, with four children, had been in good
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ceased to grow, next referred to the dirt and deterioration they engen-
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the other years, the number of cases rarely sinks below 100. There is,