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The dulness early was slightly moveable with change of position, as frequently happens when the abdomen is filled with blood, more or less clotted. This, of course, can best be done where the disease has been imported into small settlements or into isolated houses, and it was under just such favorable circumstances that Carter, of the Marine Hospital Service, made his observations between the infecting and secondary cases of yellow fever." Here, in a community of more than average intelligence, consisting"not of a town, or even a hamlet, but only of a neighborhood," as Carter puts it, it was possible to record with accuracy the date of introduction of the infecting cases and the date of occurrence of secondary cases (during). On the sixteenth hospital day a macular rash counter appeared on the palmar surfaces of both hands. When happening in a paludal district, or during the prevalence of will materialh- assist in clearing mg up any doubts.

At this meeting resolutions were adopted recommending legislation toward the prohibition of expectoration in public places, the notification of the proper authorities in cases of phthisis, and the use of pocket spittoons (price). It was not intended 10 to remove, but to alleviate, the pain attendant on parturition. This was exhibited at the use meeting Hall. SiBSON (London): The report uses of the deputation to the Director-Greneral stated that he (the DirectorGeneral) was not in office when the alteration in the Dr.

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