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blood during the systole. In the auricles however the increased tension

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Cups to the back or opposite the kidneys may be applied. Digitalis

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port for 1847 the following illustration of the effects

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cussion the society came to the conclusion that it was

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tubei culous or cardiac affection. His attention was first called to

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ledged that they had brought no card and that leave

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in bed for at least four weeks and possibly a longer period.

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the Chinese. The first intention of using a portion of

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from bottom page 103 right hand column 3d line from bottom

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to meet this requirement. He thought the very first step was to

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of the blood course. Thus we may think of a primary conus obstruction

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phorated tinct soap and tinct. arnica of each one ouncCj tr. of

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scence of Dr. Schlieman s excavations in the Troad he expected to

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certain qualities which have been heretofore regarded as verging on the impossible.

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endocarditis is accompanied by aortic murmurs in about 16 per cent of cases.

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A Manual or the Organic Materia Medica. Being a Guide

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tain hour about five o clock in the morning. I promised

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comparable. In fact as we.shall see diminished activity in blood making is

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Dr Hyatt read a communication tendering his resignation as a

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or white nucleus and a zone of red. The collections of colorless corpuscles

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majority of cases there is some day when the temjierature drops two

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these washings are unnecessary let us hope that in interests

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of my own judgment I have yet farther consolation in the assur

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date giving the name of Superintendents of these counties

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in his lungs with breaking down and the expectoration of small

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which lasted two hours the whole floor of the pelvis was practically

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pect its presence under the conditions above mentioned.

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fullness of the breasts morning sickness but what the doctor most

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half a mile from the little east gate we found a large

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gaged in the business of a manufacturing chemist and who cannot

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arsenical poisoning. The examination of the viscera should be ex

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placenta. They weighed at birth in the aggregate nineteen and a

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which from various political or imperial motives have

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are bipolar and others are multipolar. The cells also show dentrites

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affected than females at least in Great Britain and Germany.

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lic Health Association that it sliall be the duty of the National

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have been applicants from other parts of the country as

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obtain the same decomposition may occur and he intermedia o

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trating the modern rule that all such cases are to be treated

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similar ignorance was the misfortune of the nations of

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The presence of the enterostomy opening was of course an

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offices of Secretary Vice President and President Sir Arthur

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have I believe done more than an others for the advancement of

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monary physical signs the regular and rhythmic character of the respiration

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As great as the difticulties and differences of opinion on the sub

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On Nov. 2gth temperature normal no Kernig and patient

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adopted so largely by the profession I state this upon the author

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ance at the courts for an indefinite period. Any intelligent physi

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by the use of anaesthetics when possible. Restrictions by compe

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they nocked to the dispensary and to have in this way

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vertebra3 in turn whilst the cathode rests on the epigastrium. Stabile may be

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President. He presided in Tarborough where he had spent his

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illustrates how easily the correct diagnosis may be missed in such

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of these wounds nor to secure them in any way by sutures or

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to have anyone they please attend them. Let it be so. The status

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to proceed with the work and helped much to lighten

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Treatment. Acute exudative endocarditis is rarely if ever idiopathic.

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sero bloody discharge. This latter tube left in position three days

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doses than we would prescribe for others. If the constitution has

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second ball which is cut out and carved in like manner.

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the ligatures to escape gangrene. The relaxation of course lets

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country town was deceived in this manner and paid a

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hand Jenner drew the first lymph with which to vaccinate James

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The information which a teacher must convey toacla s is derived

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the pain of head and also the uterine coutl actions which had