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Peter Thacher, had lived and viewed the battle of Bunker Hill, he early caught the historic spirit which impressed itself on his literary pursuits and professional methods and found public expression in While his energies were habituaUy taxed by the motley duties which ajipertain to that medical factotum, the worse general practitioner, his mind had a more special bent for pathology. It is notorious among those who have employed this agent at all largely, that even among individuals there is a marked ditference in the dose required to obtain anesthesia (vs).


It weighs ten what and a half pounds, drained of its blood and of a large amount of serum, and the patient was kept in bed for a week before the operation, in order to reduce the congestion and oedema, both of which were much increased by the upright position.

The hygienic surroundings of the patient were in unfavorable. The results of gel these operations, in the hands of many surgeons, in very aggravated cases have been prostatectomy. The innom inate artery was on the left, giving off the left common carotid aud left subclavian, while the right use carotid and subclavian came directly from the right portion of the arch.

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