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was abnormal there was dulness in the apices of the lungs and an
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valves. Thus the liver becomes enlarged and stony the nutmeg liver as a
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being no signs of either an inflammatory or a structural affection of the
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aud intercostal bulging. Abscess of the mediastinum tends to point at an
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That local or geological conditions do exist which are directly concerned
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but most of them are too complicated and require too many
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ing or of leucocythcemia or pseudo leucocythremia will ultimately induce
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gradually merge into the healthy surrounding tissues and are characterized
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used in Medicine with their proper pronunciation and definitions.
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other individuals and institutions appeared in the same paper
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attained through an exploratory puncture and examination of the contents
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In most cases however these varices are present and may be distinguished
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Aneurism may cause death indirectly by starvation from pressure on the
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they must strive to attain the standard adopted by the Board.
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many fields must be searched before finding one. On two occasions Case
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The convulsion may be ushered in with a sharp cry but the patient
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their actual ph sical powers as determined b weight muscular
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and Avith it the power of meeting the demands exacted in maintaining the
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druggist and his fondness for plants led him into the field of
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which closely resemble bone in their structure. Such plates may not unfre
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diet undigested matters in the alimentary canal etc. Therefore we
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accompanied by hypertrophy of the left ventricle and by a jerking irregular
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times observed herjjetic lesions especially about the head and face
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tlK U enlarged with scissors the linger being inserted to prevent
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Several of these who have been under medical treat
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or after the disease is well established. Cerebral hemorrhage was noticed in
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in connection with abdominal pain and tenderness with gurgling in
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although when he looked upward for any length of time a degree
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Among the many cases of malformation of the heart which h presents
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divided. Nawrocki found that after division of the cord below the
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To day a young man called at my office suffering from a small
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these great chambers fresh air inlets and room for the hot air and
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terms post mortem and ante mortem as being the only suitable terms with
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with the servants and others on the premises assemble
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In. Table F there are 3 private patients who were more fully
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b a competent authority in the gymnasium. All athletic exercises
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the body the slightest indication of inflammation. My most vio
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Ormerod records 3 cases where pulmonary obstruction was diagnosticated
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the resistance they met with and the only result was
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ovary which could not be lecognized by a vaginal examination
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work. Endurance in prolonged contests is measured by the capabilities of
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grains of reduced iron and one minim of the tincture of aconite constituted
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enacted in China have revealed to the eyes of foreigners
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and produce fatal obstruction. The effect upon the heart and respiration
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another viscus can be discovered which is sufficient to explain the occurrence
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sistants and interpreters in the hospital. I have been
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twelve hours here the treatment is being continued with 5 grain
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not do so without risk was explained in this way. Paternal
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a medical mission to the sick and diseased amongst the
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above mentioned. The autopsy revealed the accuracy of the diagnosis.
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Mixed with linseed oil it is largely used on board ship
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preserved manuscript of 808 found in a temple in 1827. It is of
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from comparisons of former and present practice at the same hos
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from what they heard in the way of religious instruction.
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rously brought together further than to say that his conclusions as
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tint. As Arnstein has shown the bone marrow may present similar changes
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patient tlie symptoms were entirely relieved and he lived for nearly
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was in question the possibility of the bridegroom being syphilitic
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Cephalic Yersion by the External Bi Polar Methods. Arrest of
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heart was normal. A diagnosis of probable tumour of the pons
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boring muscles and eroded the humerus and neck of the scapula perforated
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it at least gives us a working hypothesis on which to base our
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the pulmonary orifice may occur subseijuent to the time of the usual closure
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the other industries. For hygienic or financial reasons the various
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quality is used to give the whitish gloss to rice a cake
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dle shaped formation then becomes a hollow pouch and separates from the
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extracts tinctures etc. but it shall omit requirements of a definite
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must have inevitably succumbed probably before the birth of the
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the circulation in the innominate subclavian or azygos vein. The blood may
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ation of those who were diseased were made matters of religious
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may be traced by percussion. According to him the normal aortic dull area
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and the Babinski sign persisted although in diminished degree.
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than any other foixu of dressing. Yes that is comfortable is a