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tion, and this may continue after digestion is completed; the organ may thus

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reflex disturbance of varied, while discrete, causation, in the protoplasmic

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of adequate doeses of potent scarlet fever antitoxin will cut short the

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The afferent fibres have their cell stations mainly in the geniculate gang-

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Ziemssen says that of adults who have lived through a chronic pleurisy

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genetically w r hilst outside the human body. It is difficult to determine

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from acute yellow atrophy, to which it bears no relation. The liver is

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Contagious difeafes of cattle, (the) have unfortunately beenbut

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Starling and I performed some experiments on dogs, and we found that

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those of glanders than those of tuberculosis. Although pathogenic for

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and laboratories, where the work of the Medical Faculty is

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(i) Mulus feptennis implsre poteft^ el jam cum equa conjundut himum pro-

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(oriented by marking the skin outside the wound). It is important

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when this does not occur it may last from four to six hours, causing

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becomes progressively duller. In cases of somewhat gradual onset, the

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Morbid anatomy. — Primary sore. — This consists of a localised

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but such an infant suffers infinitely less than the infant fed on cow's milk

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thick in the winter. The clothing should be sufficient to keep the patient

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patients lie near the open windows in their rooms. In this way the

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On the other hand, after an attack of simple perityphlitis, subsequent

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hyperaesthesia of skin, mental irritability, or enfeeblement. It is the

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is very slight, and enemata and aperients of all kinds may be required to

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themselves, namely, alcohol, ether, etc., are not always pure. The Stas-Otto,

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perhaps, by delirium or by unconsciousness, the pulse being feeble and

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disintegrating as early as the fifth day in animals poisoned by lead, and

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enough fragment has been employed. The paucity of the bacilli explains

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