also contradict the supposed connection between goitre and ice water as not

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though the author was exceedingly impatient with slovenliness. We

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mittent. Exercise coughing and sneezing mental excitement or anything

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of these processes that the organism is from the outset predisposed

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the streptococcus 20 times in 43 cases of broncho pneumonitis 27

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already been considered under Hypertrophy but we may refer to one or

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As the several editions have reached us we have always spoken

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younger members two things 1st. No matter how severe the case

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and Hooker. Faithful revision is noted everywhere although not

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of conversation throughout the provinces praises and

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the limb remains larger than its fellow the superficial veins are enlarged

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noid tissue in other organs. The spleen and marrow are not often affected.

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new contributors and we also ask that our old friends will still give

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pendium of arithmetic to supply a want of such books

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accumulates speedily in the pericardium without or with but slight previous

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afterwards the doctor was attacked and ultimately 154 passengers

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to these cases as contracture of the neck of the bladder. It is

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error did not submit himself to the examination of the Board after

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medical attendant contents himself with an effort to Mvcep up the

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ovale has a direct passage from the right auricle into the left ventricle.

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would partially prevent the thoracic vibrations from being felt. Percus

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the skill of the operator but the excellence of the

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cover the armlet witli cloth to prevent over distension of the bag

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of cruelty and indiscriminate slaughter. I looked about

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presence became gradually modified and Ave have knoAvn one remarkable

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assume a dusky pallid ashy gray or slightly cyanotic hue. In rare cases

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believes that some direct i ressure is also exerted on the heart during

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perhaps an itinerant story teller will occupy the table

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so many heart symptoms depend. Here the process may be more local

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before the days of X ray treatment had resisted other remedies

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sisted. I had failed to find evidence of any marked constitution

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Therein lay the special value of the test. Attention was drawn to

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more insufficiency retraction and adhesion than those which are limited to

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Your Committee having examined the Treasurer s accounts find

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creased. Very extensive increase in the area of impulse is frequently accom

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however there is no accurate knowledge of the causal condition and

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view the necessity of having representative specimens that a gen

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definite cause exposure to foul gases as in opening a cess pool

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of our superior science and civilisation and altered

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and a good deal of underdone meat in a few years however that

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laxatives in doubtful cases swung the pendulum too far. A too

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tainly is a remarkable difficult and dangerous disease

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way in the gymnasium or during games. The girls love their drill.

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nervous irritation was present and prominent. Quinine was prefer

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case be protracted the use of strychnine may be called for. Electricity may

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overgrowth of the elements of the reticulum with new formation of connec

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sional interest and also that the remarks on the diseases

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element in those long distance runs which we do not get in the

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isicion usually evidenced by the pronounced and disagreeable odor suggestive of incipient

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invention of such instruments of precision as the thermometer

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customary for medical editors to inveigh against the use of books

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any man entitle him to the distinguished place as the discoverer.

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liver but also in association with heart disease and sometimes can

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are probably only conditions of contraction or dilatation in a wasted heart.

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theria which yielded easily to treatment in five days. The spots

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times. Ice is used by the Chinese almost exclusively

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diet or a lacto vegetarian diet which we are all obtaining in certain