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in normal fibrin. This fact demonstrated that embryonic juice does

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unnecessary. The pupil as has already been stated should

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ventricle with undoubtedly some atheroma of the cardiac ves

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valves. Where the latter occurs it is usually in elderly women with

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the operation there was no trace of bile in the urine.

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ically a tea made of thyme is said to eliminate phlegm

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resented in the metal manufactures and the industries which give

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ear troubled with a feeling of nausea and a mawkish disagreeable taste in

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Upon these facts as observed by the application of elec

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down any such presumption on the part of publishers

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demonstration of the application of such knowledge.

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palm of the hand and it may extend up the forearm. In

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derful memory may or may not recollect the writer of

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throat. Twelve days later the difficulty was worse and

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the little finger of the right hand was attacked with numbness

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which is closely related to those which we have just finished

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by a free woman is of the most limited description. The Ewhe wife

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saltpetre resin copperas ginger aloes gum myrrh salts and

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portion of the peritoneum which invests the pelvic viscera

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of eflScient causes but it did not substitute truths in their stead.

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until entirely recovered and the bitters No. may be

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Following Ballance cases of this operation were reported by Faure Kennedy

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Fsecal masses are mostly found in feeble old persons hysterical women

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sometimes splenectomy. The reactions to transfusion

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war to these aspects of Operative Surgery which have suddenly

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more frequently limited to a single slave or to one family

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Dr. Busev in closing expressed want of faith in cold

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the dilatated lymph spaces in the initial lesion. On the

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try and clinical microscopy to the attainment of definite re

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and harmless means of dealing with the ticks. Other oils are

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be oiled or soaped before it is inserted so as not to

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these oi erative cases. It was only to the disadvan

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believes tliat such a process is practically never found clinically. He

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