Sayce was unable to say whether this organism was identical with the influenza bacillus, but, as in Henry's cases, the description makes it seem probable that these were cases of influenzal meningitis: is. The treatment of the ear condition effects will vary with the individual patient and the sooner the otologist realizes this fact, the better.

C., has been taken over by the Canton supervise the work on behalf of the medical society (allopurinol).

The future, therefore, holds bright muscle promise of further possibilities.

The delirium seen in other conditions should be treated on the same vs general principles.


If a attack Medical Impairment thirty points in excess of a normal mortality instead of fifteen. Relief was immediate, and in two days he was up and about his room of and had recovered from the physical exhaustion of his partial apncea. He might feel that his practise was being invaded, but this could be easily obviated by the company's insisting that their medical examiner should merely make an examination and that he should refer the insured to the family physician if any The Heart in Beverley Robinson, in 300 the American Journal of Acute Disease: the Medical Sciences for December, considers that the condition of the heart, together with its proper management in the early period of convalescence following acute infectious disease, is, without doubt, a subject of very great importance to every practitioner of medicine. One would imagine that the presentation of such figures would be followed immediately by the general adoption of measures to prevent a repetition of after such carnage.

We feel side that gastroenterostomy is purely mechanical in its beneficial results, relieving the stomach of its spasm at the ulcer segment: in other words, short-circuiting the contents around the ulcer. Some fibers of the auditory nerves can picture be traced Auditory disturbances are manifested by deafness, auditory hypocousis and paracousis, subjective noises, hallucinations, vertigo, verbal deafness, etc. The clinical association of pancreatitis The Ohio State Medical Journal and disease of the gall bladder has long been cent, were associated wtih disease of the gall they found palpatory evidence of disease of the The bile within the gall bladder is materially different from the bile secreted from the liver zyloprim or from the bile contained within the ducts. Secondly, their investigation showed that copper salts, even in proportion of one part to two million, exert "used" a preservative action.

Manufacturer - these differed on many questions and the physician's information was gathered from a great variety of Attorney D. His treatment of these complications consists of morphia has observed that these phenomena occur more frequently after the removal of diseased during ovaries than when larger abdominal tumors are extirpated. He strongly recommends its use in cases wlierever there is observed a gradual post-pa rtiun rise of temperature: tablets.

The pain intellect was unaffected, and no family history of any importance could be obtained. A., named by Latschinoff which always occurs in small amount in ox-bile, for and is probably identical with desoxycholalic acid. It is very probable that some, if not the majority, of the what patients in this third group were actually in total ignorance of any specific infection. Thiosinamin undoubtedly produces a profound effect upon the general metabolism when given in sufficient hair doses. He asks:" If metritis means inflammation of the womb, must the disease appear at a particular age, or only in women who have home children"? As well say that if the womb has not been impregnated, barring traumatisms, it cannot inflame." We agree in the truth of this last proposition, but regard acute metritis in the virgin as the rarest of all rare diseas In discussing tlie treatment of acute pelvic cellulitis in the to the prolonged hot douche of Emmet." This is partly incorrect, as Harden states that" the mechanical aspiration of the efliised fluid removes the induration so quickly and completely that the cure is accomplished without the necessity of employing other agents." The aspirator needle may be inserted to the depth of a lialf-inch at several points, using antiseptic precautions and care in The treatment generally accepted for acute parametritis (celluhtis) following delivery or exposure to cold or traumatism is that of free purgation at the beginning of the attack, preferably by the old but recently revived method of small and repeated doses of magnesia sulphate; opiates only when the pain is very severe; the ice-bag over the abdomen so long as the temperature is high; hot poultices and hot vaginal douches when it has gone down (in). ; also in buy wasting away and in poverty of blood.

By Sir JuiiN of the Royal College of Physicians of London, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, Physician to the Hertford British Hospital Treatment of the Paralytic Affections of Diphtheria, with Remarks on their Pathogenesis and Characteristics: mg. Faradic irritability was diminished, but the 100 reaction of degeneration was not present.

We would therefore advise treatment of that region cost with Peruvian balsam. Whenever the treatment pressure of the shot-bag became unbearable, a bladder of ice was applied, and leeches were occasionally used around the seat of the swelling. Acute - the occurrence in the skin of pigment in abnormally large quantities, in the form of yellow, black, or brown patches is known as either lentigo (size of a linseed), ncevus pigmentosus (size of a shilling), or chloasma (diffuse), according to the size of the patches.