This preliminary treatment, as outlined here, should
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general infection, Geraghty 2 among others has demonstrated that the urine is
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gangrene was preceded by pneumonia in both lungs there can be little
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times twenty-foiu- hours after the commencement of the last one. It
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^Northwestern Lancet writes : " One very noticeable feat-
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eries. I simply desire to record these as in the hands of the physician.
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and tea in heart cases, and I am not sure that we thoroughly
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Knowledge which may be called scientific, because, if the
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various autliorities, has declared itself sporadically in
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of the granulation cells in the tubercle ; second, a degeneration ; and
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cavity is closed by the flattening of the anterior and posterior
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large pendulous tumours afiecting loose parts, such as the
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sium permanganate ; 3.05 p.m., respiration, 30 ; 5.20
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curvature, rather nearer the oesophagus than the pylorus, and
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This is well demonstrated in the clinics where most
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cient milk for one day's use is pasteurized, and it is never
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culture and judicious discipline will often avert the consequences of the
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Hospital of Philadelphia, Physiclan-in-charge and Superintendent
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distribution of the peripheral nerves, for these nerves
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13 from another. The result was, that 13 other per-
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trachea or bronchi, produced by obstruction within and by pressure
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but our radiologists indicated that the contrast was
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cutaneous hemorrhages. Examination of the blood showed
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they needed one, and she thought there vras no reason why
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(10 ml., 5 mg.) q.i.d. Maintenance dosage may be as
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been observed before puberty ; it has been found only
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saw the case again, and recognized the ulcer as being at the
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it was often possible to persuade one's self, erroneously, that this
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was no recurrence of hemorrhage for six weeks, during which time
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however, that really concerns us in this matter, is the history
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the courage to make the practical deduction that they called for,
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sugar. Thereby arc the crystals much smaller and the
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full partnership in active practice now grossing $50,000,
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tween 40 aiid 60 yeai's, 17— above 60 years, 6. Boni in the United States, 62— Iixland, 17—
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