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for his cases. In the Elwyn cases 32 of the 126 gave a family history

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dinary yellow fever is inoculable by means of the bite of the mosquito

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the larynx. Labial sounds are interfered with, saliva

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hood of future attacks and indicates a need for a greater

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tend whose funeral they had assembled, was not dead, and therefore de-

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A third point now remains to be referred to. the question of soil

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testicle as well as in the vas deferens. Both these bodies, when

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no more than an exact description or view of Nature.

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system, clinical medicine and clinical surgery are subjects

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foramen, giving off filaments to the upper eyelid ; then terminating

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actual test that this is true for all substrates, but this seems at least

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which, not far above the clavicle^ join into one muscle, to pass

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together, as their properties and uses are similar. The

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regret that its editors should have considered it desirable to give it the name which

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streps, and some bacilli. Cultures on broth gave streps, and B.

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lemaiu in bed, and in a well-warmed diamber. The treatment should

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called paragraph 45, the insurance societies are permitted to

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405-411. — Tainmaiiii (G.) TJeber das Vorkommen des

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weight of the super-incumbent fluid. If in a case of right-

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The iuHammation, as a rule, is Iimitc<l to the membrane lining the left

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regarding cerebral localisation, and in addition I am very

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rlic minimum degree of deformity. The question which is most

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of Madison and Milwaukee, but also in Racine, Kenosha, Appleton, Watertown, Green Bay, Sheboygan,

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AVei-theimber recommends the external use of a solu-

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tained as to the etiological factors which injuriously affect this

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that the cholera threat may not find fulfilment ; should it do so,

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cofactor activity, and multimer analysis. If von Willebrand’s

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The tendon reflex at first is normal, later it is exaggerated

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His was the class of mind wliich seems to defy and almost to invite

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medicine and microbiology. The room for the practical courses

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examination is all that the majority of them has received ;

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comparison of data at one and another portion of the year he has found fresh

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when they know they tell what is not true. All they want is to be

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^* A few words are necessary in regard to the razor. (The Star

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that suspicion, the fact that criticism apparently sustaining the

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via Burmah to the province of Yunnan, where, according to Minakata, it

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from the tongue or the buccal mucous surfaces under

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that 32 of 43 patients were living and well some time after the operation ;

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the parent or guardian is justified in demanding a clean bill of health

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there have been meetings of this Society at which this condition has been

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It appears from this absolutely proved, that as the dog received