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Ques 8. Describe the right side of the heart the lining and
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modern science has rendered it no longer possible for doctors to
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muscular fibres are found here and there in the aneurismal walls. They are
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given proofs of his skill in the treatment of disease
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valve disease an area of dulness from seven to eight inches in transverse
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stituents of his body and thtit these molecules are endowed with the
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and many times we need its aid in confirming opinions or clearino
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committee any papers or information any member was possessed of.
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tained by it are still far below tliose which have been obtained by
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Where the hemorrhage is not immediately great the patient may not suc
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proof of fibrinous deposition in the right heart and has demonstrated with
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not infrequently fatal. Prompt measures are therefore to be taken
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cerebral hemorrhage by ligature of the carotids. Rummo and
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cess. The subcutaneous injection has also been used and lately the inhala
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nary artery from the truncus arteriosus comnumis is completed the auricles
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tological Society in Havana many of whose members have doubt