ralysis. An atrophic paralysis in the upper extremities gradually develops,
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entire course of the disease and the symptoms (examination of the eyes!).
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evacuation of stomach and intestines (no calomel), botulismus antitoxin
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meningitis. The patient is dull, or grows delirious; he has violent headache,
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6. In no case shall a patient be dismissed by a student without first having his
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y interest is whether or not the product is fit for human consumption.
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week passes to a decided increase of the galvanic muscular excitability. We
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being affected before the other. The symptoms observed in such cases may
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pursue some special branch of Natural Histoiy while attending the-
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veterinary inspector may be called upon to perform an <^rigin inispectlon
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atrophies when it is separated from the cell body and its cell nucleus, or when
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rents and magnets; electro-magnetism; induced currents; magneto-
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other large joints, develop at perfectly regular intervals of one to four weeks.
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of Elementary Botany," by A. Bellyuck, 8fr. ; " The Treatise on tho
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practice of a general hospital which accommodates at least eighty
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shall have arisen in the last completed half-year ending on the 30th June or
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2. They must subscribe and send in to the Military Secretary, India Office,
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most fully developed. Again, cerebral hemorrhage is decidedly more frequent
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paralyzed leg, more frequently in a band-like zone at the upper level of the
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attacks most patients are perfectly well and free from pain. There are also
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Moeal Insanity. — Although in the majority of cases the failure to appre-
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and the excursions are marked. In the arms also the anomaly in the move-
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with high initial acidity is contaminated with yeasts, the acidity dlmlnlsf^s'. Certain
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Motion in a Straight Line; the Laws of Motion; Energy; the Mea-
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(Subacute and Chronic Atrophic Spinal Paralysis. Paralysie generale spinale anterieure
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On admission to the Division, each undergraduate student specializing in the De-
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writing by three members from their personal knowledge. Fees : For
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Griffith a few years ago was able to collect only 73 reported cases in the
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and ii. (4$) Latin, including translation and grammar, and one of the
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Henry Tubbs Ricketts, S.B., M.D., Instructor in Medicine.
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Surgery, 6 dols. each ; Botany and Sanitary Science, 5 dols. ; Registra-
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spinal meningitis. The changes in purulent inflammation of the pia mater
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but these criteria are not wholly unequivocal in their nature, and the ques-
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Ing that U is In compliance with the receiving documents*
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usually JTtalntained by testing and restricting the movement of cattle* These programs
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any other disease. It is. however, also absolutely essential to carry out the
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presdble Fluids; Equilibrium of Fluids and of Floating Bodies;
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diseases to each other was first confirmed in France by Fournier and m Ger-
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Hospital, Eye Infirmary, and Lying-in Hospital — ^Winter"— Medidne
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Muscular weakness and muscular atrophy are completely parallel in spinal