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upon 246 patients without any unpleasant result. The distinctive points in

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acqaintance the majority of physicians had with it was the extracts

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the necessary means. The attention of Dr. Hobson to

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weeks later when the patient s temperature suddenly rose to

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or rupture of the heart is common. Dropsical symptoms and cyanosis may

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inch in thickness is laid at the upper right hand corner

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with well known arguments in favor of vivisection I hold that the

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cases. Great reduction of the right ventricle results probably only when the

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regard to the application of the forceps the application must be

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The lowest number per cubic millimeter which I have counted was in Case

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uniform system in the preparation of drugs. We are well aware

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B. Roberts and to his remarks in this volume the reader is referred.

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which times he is cold and shivery and passes a large amount of

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mal extensibility. In cases of lymphangiectasis it is not usually necessary to

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The symptoms of poisoning by indigestion are soon manifest and

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Limitation and Prevention of Diphtheria. By R. L Payne

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Dr Amistrong of Wellington College saj s that during the

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tion and thus tends to relieve the tricuspid pressure. In tricuspid insufficiency