tures or by haemostatic forceps temporarily applied. Bleeding

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that in the corps to which I was attached chloroform was given

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Viry Kusenstein West Partzevsky and Savory. Although these oi eratoi s

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The Pine Oil and Pine Fibre Surgical Dressing possess natural and powerful Ar

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and lovers etc. etc. will sometimes resort to the diversion and I

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ously had gonorrha a scarcely 10 remain liealthy the rest suffer

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dynasty could abolish the cruel custom with less oppo

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speaks of emphysema as rarely being a cause. Perforation of the oesopha

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chimney of which protrudes at the top of the kettle.

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side on a large table. This table is about thirty feet

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by the pleurse. The space contains the descending thoracic aorta in front

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pass through the hands of distinguished gynaecologists without

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ing it by several hours. Latham has pointed out how acute pericarditis is

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nipple was sore indeed and her axillary lymphatic glands were en

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ger is imminent this is a hazardous experiment as letting in atmospheric air

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off the dust or by a winnowing machine precisely like

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and Gyna3Cological Clinic. A Medical College in Havana attached

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ether separately from fifteen minutes to half an hour after clie oil

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from secretion of air within the pleura is contrary to physiological facts

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rowing their way to the surface of the organ and seeking an outlet

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cular disease. Some cases seen early with only a small focus of

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tlu Coroner the sealed vessel containing the viscera suspected to

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lation may be active the body should be warmly clothed. Any prolonged

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ened and indurated will have formed adhesions or will have entirely disap

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was thronged with visitors and friends and companions

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tion and that no dressing was required. The smallest trocar used previously to

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addition of ether the difficulty may be overcome by giving the

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attachment to the aspirator tube. The needle or outer

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One may be assured beforehand of the exactness of the descrip

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Diafjnosis is not touched upon in this pa2 er. Our patients are

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lumen was about all that was left of the professor. The surgeons

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its ideal continuous four to seven miles it was supposed that the

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Therein lay the special value of the test. Attention was drawn to

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plete it. Decided on McBurney s operation which simply consists

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In some cases even when the condition is advanced the muscle fibres appear

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and others of cast iron very irregular and a few of

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formed with all Mr. Lister s care under the carbolic acid cloud

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duced to ribands with which baskets various kinds of

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times observed herjjetic lesions especially about the head and face

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impulse is diminished. A disproportion between the marked beating of the

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some inexplicable reason it must have died and being excluded

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vein. Occasionally these sacs become detached from the vessel and are ab

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supervene breathlcssness and palpitations are produced by the most trifling

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scarcely stand and cannot walk without their shoes.

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direction becoming distinctly prominent and producing an eccentric motion

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have been penned had the writers realised the difficulty of ensuring

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signed for the purpose of keeping putrible fluids germ proof using

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in Dollar they had a naturalist field club and arranged some outings

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twelfth the normal quantity. A recent observation of Xotimagel is of

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appropriate remedies aconite for its ionic effect on the heart. We

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vrere paralyzed. The deaths 3 in number were all of heavy men.

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All the readings were taken from the brachial artery.

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hypertrophy of muscular fibres marking the outlines of the aortic conus sim

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severe seizure occurred which persisted uninterruptedly for three days till

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or poikilocytosis the reduction in the number of red corpuscles is not so

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and when she was brought to the hospital it had ex

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