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doing have brought into a common fold the scientific men of every

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will undoubtedly lead in the near future to great developments of

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Dit. McGuire s Portriat of a Confederate Surgeon. And

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people being exceedingly jealous of his object in com

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Congress 1908. They had used it in over one thousand cases

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reports of the medical corps of the Confederate Army. 4 Titles

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in the shop. From which I was given to understand that most of

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greater safety and greater success. The conditions most favorable

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as circumstances will admit and it is hoped not without

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gout. With regard to protein feeding and its influence upon the

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B Origbml communications are solicited from all parts of

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absence proved to be due to an intussusception of the ileum about

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barb for instance with its cathartic tonic and astringent proper

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are not constant and when present are usually secondary. In two

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central point and abounding in brain food. He thought the Society

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The method of this transposition will be further described.

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germs from which become transplanted in other localities through the blood.

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was an hepatic abscess not because he found anything indicating

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performed and sigmoid sinus opened and found to contain fluid blood.

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confined ourselves to these two methods and we have merely the

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and susceptibility is distance which should be sufriciently great to

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on the complete cure of bronchial catarrh especially the catarrh

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one of the hypnotics with fairh large doses of a bromide salt.

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time after the face piece has been removed. It is due to stimulation

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supervene. The physical signs are those of heart weakness impulse imper

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injection is greatly superior to that of oral administration the

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should not thus be arranged to include all the strictly and purely

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ventricle is usually small but when the curtains are curled and the patent

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Prognosis. A purely functional disorder of the heart s action may be

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was pregnant she had a severe tooth ache with neuralgia. Like

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The hernia was a congenital one and the sack was matted to the

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the Medical Record Sept. 1 1866 comprise my entire experience

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doubt many dangerous accidents which might occur from small

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these men had gained five inches of actual girth of chest. Now

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the 25th January 1908 seven weeks after the accident he has

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cation as wide as almost any remedy of ordinary use.

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the incision being made but lay perfectly still while the breast was

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removed from under the skin and then the edges of the wound

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besides the presence of pain of fever of dyspnea. In hypertrophy the area

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are however undoubted cases of tricuspid narrowing with or without steno

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jjrimary disease. But as soon as the valves become so insufficient that the

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cretaceous masses the remains of healed tubercle from which

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patients and that it is a question whether one can continue taking

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upon this frivolous altar of fashion is sacrificed annually a hecatomb

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Hale White has published a paper on the influence on the bodily

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of the pigmentation in Addison s disease his conclusions are as

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tough almost cheesy. The spleen under these circumstances is as a whole

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own time that anything like an accurate record has been kept of the

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use. The Royal Academy of Medicine in Madrid decided

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Many years ago when there were no such rival works in the field

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with which they are probably already conversant to direct their

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tata is almost always associated with atrophic rhinitis while acne

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noon from St. James Episcopal church of which denomination he

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enumerate them but only try to call attention to some of the real

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tion and isolation will replace vaccination is as fanciful a state

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patient was aged 23. Four years previously rupture of the uterus

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In speaking of the remedial measures it will be well to bear in

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since the pressure can be more readily measured. A simple means

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with his professional knowledge in consultation as well