is a more permanent enlargement of the spleen due to a chronic interstitial
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materially from that of other varieties. We cannot attach much importance
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unrestricted indulgence in liquids to allay the thirst which the
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frothy matter discharged during the afternoon. His temperature
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Report of the Chairman of Section on Pathology and Microscopy.
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and Allied Diseases Ophthalmoplegia and Polio myelitis Hys
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dilated thickened and tortuous the renal pelves were also dilated
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writers have divided the disease into different stages the latent and
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accumulation of water in the river was so great as to
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is probable also that the condition of the ventricular septum influences the
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relationship between the venous and arterial circulation was
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for the onset of the condition. He had had no nervous upset of
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diphtheria and other affections. The congested spleen of typhoid fever and
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is roughly speaking based upon the fact that the hypnotic and
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amount of moral or material support that the Chinese
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which closely resemble bone in their structure. Such plates may not unfre
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open cyanosis may be absent or inconstant because apparently admixturij
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is always the cause of symptoms of considerable gravity and which often
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diagnosis. If a circumscribed pneumothorax was present with phthisis the
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Within the common trunk Rokitansky has described the changes as seen
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treated frequently by morphine injections. In one of them excision
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food alcohol small doses of strychnine and later iron.
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is treated with the highest degree of confidence and
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health and happiness strew along your pathway the flowers of
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question of utilizing the garbage etc. being the point at issue.
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it necessary that peculiar laws should be made to re
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openings. In constriction by muscular bands the opening is usually a large
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they have been torn asunder. Upon pressure the terminal clots allow a
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necessary to complete the history of the invasion of the diseases
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the microhic nature of its origin but it has not been proven.
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satisfactorily that the ovum is so far detached from the uterine
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The casting of copper cash does not admit the use of
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admirable thing if some of our over filled treasury could flow into
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than had been indicated in Dr Russell s interesting paper.
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backward and unsatisfactory condition. lie attributes this un
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My purpose is to illustrate the lesson that God operates not by
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on the right side but no definite tenderness on pressure. There
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dilatation. Haemoptysis may result from rupture of vessels during sudden
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Sometimes the valves may be covered with thick warty irregular excres
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combinations. Two different t rips to the sea shore were without
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while others found the reaction absent in pronounced cases of that
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square wooden frames fined with cloth and next into
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precaution to remove the stomach in his 25 cases very shortly after
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ically by the invigorated pulse and increased muscular contraction.
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froths at the mouth she is unconscious the hands are clenched
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noble efforts of the church the influence of gospel ministers and
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first husband. She has been married to Page three years and has
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that nothing in the laws of Massachusetts prevented the school
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Though the possible harmful effects of the saccharine are recog
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this the indications for local treatment relate to the inflammation which is
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ities were always diseased the structural changes were being limited
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except in their latter stages render the meat unfit for food 3
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itant symptoms than upon the physical characters of the enlarged organ.