from an affection of a cutaneous branch of the musculo-cutaneous nerve.
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this part of the brain in every case of sensor}' aphasia. Complete destruction
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Qnebec who desire to qualify themselves for registration in this province must
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acute stage of the disease is past, the patient may be allowed gradually to get
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193). This is the place where even a very limited focal disease must lead to
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pass subject chosen. Any or all of the above subjects may be taken,
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cedes the degeneration of the pyramidal tracts. As a rule, there are no marked
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recognized as almost constant, are of especial interest. They usually consist
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Corresponding to these two functions of the cerebellum, which are, of
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group the symptoms of motor irritation in general together under the name
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as the primary focus of disease, dependent upon the local action of the exci-
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Welfare. This agency fonnulates definitions for many dairy products and maintains
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foreign country wherein the diploma was granted. . • .
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to man through milk, it became necessary to put sanitary measures for cleaning palls
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sure and partly to the spread of the inflammation. An ahundanee of granular
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taking homoeopathic and " electro-homceopathic " remedies, and those still
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chorea may do. It usually develops in neuropathic subjects with tendencies
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cedes the eruption of zoster, or comes on at the same time with it. It often
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At Matriculation, one of 100 dols. and one of 50 dols. ; at First Profes-
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matory and thrombotic softening, if they come on slowly, usually produce less
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Mimetic movements are more pronounced: the patient gesticulates freely and
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been engaged for more than two years in medical study in any recog-
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a. Heart - pericardium removed, heart cap cut off. ^-
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has also been recommended, but it appears that it can be dispensed with en-
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Grammar and Composition. Any of the examinations in Arts
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syphilitic endarteritis. In the chapter on cerebral syphilis this subject will be
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The treatment is the same as in acute myelitis. The prophylactic measures
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