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variably occurs in hereditarily predisposed persons, and consists essentially
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surans. Local injuries, such as blows, friction, or continual straining of
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heavy, I occasionally get it again, with all its horrors unabated.
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Genus I. : Hsemamceba, Grassi and Feletti. The mature gametocytes are
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in this direction is not conclusive, nor is the pigmentation limited to the
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who have suffered for months have recovered without treatment ; but it
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"murderer." No one doubted that his heart was true to the
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Such cases of insane imprudence are outside the category of vice.
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1. Pollitzer. Journ. of Outan. and Genito-Urin. Diseases, 1893, vol. si. p. 50. —
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an early morning visit to an ancient willow-tree. When
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mercury from the wet pipette. The calibration serves for
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man. The large Arabian element is that which most sur-
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even in the daylight enter the chamber where I slept without my face
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ground. The same physician states that in hysterical hemiplegia the
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are troublesome. Cod-liver oil may be given with advantage in some
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Blood poisoning produces a certain proportion of the cases of puerperal
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Pathogeny. — The most probable hypothesis is that the disease is an
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consisted in the fact that the tongue became liable to disorderly contrac-
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said that a child begotten during drunkenness runs a special risk, but
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The locality is to be noted. Being bilateral, with a strong disposition
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plicated with impetigo. Occasionally we see an eruption on the arm
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either sex, and probably the eruption appears most frequently about
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infective agent, — perhaps the same as in seborrhcea, — co-operates, rosacea
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the present writer has heard many a story told with incom-