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the H oxidaticni.' There can he no ihrnht that liotli iiroeesses can occur
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county societies continued meetings during the sum-
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the rising titer during the fii’st two weeks of ill-
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Goodpasture, E. W., and Clark, G., A study of a toxic substance of the
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tion varies in some instances in order to conform to the State laws
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have taken the " Oxon *' as the last name of the author, and by cor-
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Here, of course, the question will be asked, " When did the first case
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,„a,k...l in „ia.n,uals, Init is also p,vs,.„, to a ,.<.,-1ai„ .-M-n, ,t, ,,>u.-k
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,|,, i,,,| II, r,! I" .,■.! luill'i tii.-iii III' "I'I 1 s|i linn Ills 111' I, a. ' ■ •■iii'l till
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that “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette.” Another panel
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Kennedy, M.D., Marshall; C. Edgar Virden, M.D., Kan-
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the same area of a diabetic gland. He concludes that this estimation
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from the Standpoint of Intra-perltoneal Drainage. By J. G. Clark,
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mittee which nominated the American Medical Associ-
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sick coincidently with the other children, one in the D, the other in the
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This organism on culture developed a characteristic mycelial growth
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development of tjxe " middle piece " — ^the body — is necessary for
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waay, Boonville, Chairman (1950); F. R. Crouch, Farmington
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Stomach worms in Iambs, prevention, article by B. H. Ransom 207-212
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in certain types of macrocytic anemias, and Cardiolipin, a stable non-nitrogenous
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aortic orifice and measures 4x2 cm. The endocardium of the left ven-
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namely, that the laetie acid In not prodiU'cd from earliohydrate in the
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the 18,535 calories of energy contained in the hay, 9,921 calories were
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On each side of the central portion the tube is constricted so that it can
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be observed. (See PI. XX, fig. 1.) The bones of the lower jaw are
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culture for inspection. Every inspected package of salted pork or
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before being again used In dressing healthy carcasses.
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Vaughn, H. H.: Treatment of Carcinoma of the Colon, Ann.
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He estimated that it would cost approximately $150.00
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cially ^^■hen. as is comnioii alter such an accidinit, the jiatieiit is kepi
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The patient was admitted to the Phthisical Hospital In the service of
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tuberculosis for many years, and during early childhood the patient was
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surface of the skin, and that this layer is apparently continuous with
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was begun several years ago, naturally immune hogs being used as a
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Marion-Ralls 2 W. J. Smith Hannibal Harry L. Greene Hannibal
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,.orne.1 This wonl.l appear to be tbe patbwav for nervons reflex im-
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was started on July 28; the preliminary films suggested
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rather conflicting. The possibility that there may be a condition of,
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Bepresentatiifes of the Bureau attended a meeting of the Associa-
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author noticed certain peculiarities in the structure of the nail in the
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Wright-Douglas 9 J. R. Mott Hartville -A. C. Ames Mountain Grove
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and keep this up when pasturage is poor. Let them run in the fields