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negative. The urine was practically negative. The Wassermann reaction was

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arriving at a correct conclusion as to the nature of the case. As the

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factor. And if it appears that certain races or blood lines react in the

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immediately suffers dilatation and soon undergoes hypertrophy.

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flow down with that degree of rapidity best suited for accurate mea-

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naming in sets. " Well-marked cases " are probably those in which a like

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cause of the incidence of pellagra in this institution, but it seems to

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facts observed here in Spartanburg County in regard to racial and age

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11. Becquerel and Rodier: Gaz. med. de Paris, 1844, Nos. 47, 48. 49, 50, 51;

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vous system. Wood says : "It is daily a problem with me and my colleagues

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old, she was told). She had attacks of dyspnea and wheezing in the chest of

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completely arrested, it may be determined whether the vessel on the

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March 14 showed a very slight trace of albumin, many coarsely granular casts,

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pure nephritis was there any very great amount of edema at the time

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Of the remaining nine cases without albuminuria four, diagnosed

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and combine with one-drop doses of the solution of nitroglycerin

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after taking the first dose of urea, but vomiting did not occur. The

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method is carried out on cats, a definite dose of the drug being given

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rice occasionally ; canned salmon frequently ; eggs a couple of times a week ;

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the other. During the same month Merklen ,2 also made a trial of

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at the second interspace to the right of the sternum. It corresponds

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attack of pneumonia occurred. There were repeated attacks of pneu-

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be inundated with sunlight during the day and should be perfectly

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to the heart, presumably as its motor nerve. The vagus and the

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statement is made as to the method of interruption, since the different

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as slight temporary enlargement of the thyroid gland or tremor, may

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sure, relief may be obtained by division of the isthmus, and if this is

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hair has grown well. This patient, who was placed under my care

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The lymphangitis which occurs in the course of constitutional

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In the treatment of this alarming and dangerous condition the

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contiguous to a case of pellagra, would naturally show a higher inci-

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during, or after an attack of exophthalmic goitre. In some cases the

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From these results it is evident that there are no appreciable dif-

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cises its influence more directly. Nicotine in very small dose at first

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the heart. The best gymnastics are found in the so-called apparatus

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loss and water excretions from September 7 to 17 (Table 14). During

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of cerebrospinal syphilis was made. Four years before he had had a chancre.