about complete suspension in 1. and half suspension in 1 of the 5

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|)rofessional services at a stipulated fee per capita ])ei-

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calibre of the little vessels to open out wide, letting

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varied considerably. In the earlier work I used 5 to 20 cc. of a

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silk to prevent evaporation. — Tne relief was almost instantaneous;

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rosacea of face (radium water). — ^Two corns dropped off right foot. —

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typical. It produced indol as readily and as abundantly as Bacillus

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Epileptiform convulsions are of frequent occurrence in connection with

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Opium jx)i.'<oiiui(/ gixea many of the symptoms of apoplexy. Apoplexy

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Trophic or vaso-motor disturbances appear early, causing acute bed-sores,

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the foramen ovale and arterial duct in producing the first symptomi

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cells. It also extends downwards into the dorsal and lumbar lateral columns,

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place the number of the bacilli is also being reduced until finally they

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AL Chomel, is never absent, and though not mentioned by authors,

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now possible. The initial drop is the result of the agglutination of

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deep breathing, acceleration of the pulse, etc., similar to what is

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* KirchofE reports a case where bulbar paralj'sis was produced by a iinila/eral lesion, and from the autop-

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box. The clear supernatant fluid was employed for injection into

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Edema developed on the face and dorsal part of the feet. A slight anesthesia

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replacement will aid in determinmg whether it be an affection which

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Dr. Caspar Wister and Dr. Robert A. Given were duly admitted

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rificed safety to rapidity of execution, or desire of display, and dis-

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From a careful study, in the original, of the reports of 716 cases of cervical rib

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third one of each age was fed 50 mg. of Thyroid 20 every 2nd day, alternating

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cavity, which appears to have been filled with this matter, and with

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The rain and melted snow, added to what was stated above, mea-

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arthritis so frequently associated with focal infections in the teeth,

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the bowels are constipated, aloes or rhubarb should be given in connection

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of horse serum in sero-anaphylactized rabbits. Before treatment with

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8. Buchner, H., Longard, K., andRiedlin, G., Centr. Bakteriol., lie AM., 1887,

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A month had now elapsed, and no case of sickness had appeared

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tion power of syphilitic serum for the culture pallidum. We do not

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mitigated, the patient assisted herself to hold the sponge to her

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take the contracts. He moved to lay the whole matter

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element and not the possible persistence of a limited number of tre-

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becomes more and more unfavorable ; patients sometimes lie in a comatose

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symptom of acute neuritis or peri-neuritis, the nerve trunk is hyperajmic

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and beri-beri, but it must not be given to patients having irregular

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interests and with the public honor of the_ profession, nor

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Death followed after 5.5 minutes. The same clinical and anatomical picture.

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Especial Consideration of Hypertrophy of This Gland, Johns Hopkins Hosp. Rep.,

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blood earlier than in those cases where no serum is administered.

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vitiated bile took place before there was congestion of the brain.

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on alternate days with 0.2 cc. of serum, it was expected that all would

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als of each dish are arranged from left to right according to the time