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the disease are usually so obscure that no suspicion is en-

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tions represent one degree of temperature ; that is, that for each

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euplastic deposit. All irregularities, whether of time, intensity,

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mercury, however, was not doubted — the liver had to be "tapped."

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did not make his money at the expense of his fellow

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The improved treatment for toxemia is by elimination. The

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is about 500 grains. The amount varies (1) in some degree

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"We do not use it for its acid properties, but probably the

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diseases running a regular course have a typical range of tem-

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give due weight to this lesion, though we may not rest our entire

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"The simplest indication for the minute dose of this remedy

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/ dd two drachms of the specific medicine to two ounces of

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increase (by descent) the longitudinal thoracic diameter. In a low position,

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lessness and gloomy forebodings, it is often useful, and in

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All are alike mistaken ; some, by combating intestinal

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We want to know how a remedy influences : First, as regards

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daceous liver, and, after puberty, pulmonary consumption and

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study of remedies. He may take his materia medica and make

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When the diagnosis is carefully made, the action of iron will

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"It is indicated for all pains of a rheumatic character, as well

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the film, either upon a slide or a cover-glass, is allowed to become

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typhus and cholera. Hyaline mucus is observed in the excre-

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manes among them, ^^as lost for ever to sterling science ! !

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times they have ceased before we are called to treat the cases.

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conditons of mucous membranes. Its action is that of a tonic,

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different practitioners. If it falls below the gross or poisonous

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pinch and knead the scrotum quite vigorously. The hollow

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one (our own) along the posterior border. Usually the tear has

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dull, pupils dilated or immobile, and the pulse full and op-

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often disappointed in such ante-ssniguine expectations.