ately well at night, but cannot lie on the right side on account

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lessons taught by physiology and clinical experience. No won-

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" Putting aside such cases as these last, we consider it

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continued to the present time. In 1888 Dr. Pritchard decided to

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the Woman's Medical College of Chicago in 1876. Dur-

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medical journals, most of his articles being short and practical, though


The ten-thousandth part of a grain of strychnia is very plainly


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have gained him precedence among the followers of the calling.

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(president 1907), the American Pediatric Society (president 1911-

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He was president of the New York Academy of Medicine in 1852,

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Repository," New York, 1802, vol. v. p. 97), Dr. Ogden refers

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which modern high-potencists may have inflicted upon Hahne-

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societies. In i88i Dr. Ferguson was married to Misi

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takes place when the father is in less robust health than the

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marking, " If I had one thousand dollars to spaie on youi

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ciety, and was its president in 1860. He was president of the New

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superior maxillae that have been lacerated by bullets or

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1852. He pursued his professional studies at the College of Physi-

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has had his office and residence for many years at 114 West Eighty-

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He began practice at Norwich, Conn., but in 1845 was Professor of

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\:u,W w.ih sevetily [..■(Is is now one of the prominent

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adopted the homoeopathic method of practice many years ago,

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speaking our familiar language, and whose brains and hearts

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where the patient can hardly be called ill. She feels perfectly well, but is " a

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ever, between the time of removing soiled clothing from the person or

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The principal projectiles of shrapnel are round hillets,

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circumscribed or localized tenderness on pressure, persistent and

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would fear to lose time by compounds of drugs concerning each

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conditions of a paralytic character. These symptoms may devel-

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