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pericarditis and rapidly all the symptoms referable to the heart become
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The skin was partly destroyed and all the extensor tendons
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produce so much pressure by contraction that the nutrition of the organ is
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condemned rowing on account of the damage it produced on the
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this the indications for local treatment relate to the inflammation which is
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claims for the superiority of animal sutures were set too high and
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and obtaining health and restoration through the means
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tively straight veins the intervals should not be greater than fi om
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all their plans had failed and aware that they would
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tissues than the positive pole and its withdrawal is almost invariably followed
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not more difficult than in cases of functional disorder disconnected from
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collegiate training has brought them along as far as this for the
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l rofession each professing to possess special advantages but not
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tions of magnesium sulphate in the form of enemata. He employed
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siderable difficulty was experienced in delivering the tumour out
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possibility of recovery in some instances of abscess of the heart is suggested
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association with fatty degeneration of the heart when owing to the weakness
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are by the prevalence of certain maladies and a par
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Tlie treatment looks to the avoidance or removal of the causes which tend
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catarrh of influenza which if neglected is followed by pneumonia.
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prominent men in the State sitting in his hearing had failed to
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flowing upward through vessels anastomosing with the intercostal and internal
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sketched in the marrows cells and Malassez has studied the same process.
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Pathology. There are two stages of chronic endarteritis 1. The stage
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more the Woman s Medical College and the Maryland University
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a bright erythema on which papules the size of a split pea appeared
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Towards the close of preface the author remarks From the first
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second child came nndcr our care with a simple laceration of the
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not he waits until they give more. The story is all
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diate effects are generally very salulary. but the fever runs on re
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The Evil and the Remedy of the Privy System of New Orleans.
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re arded this disease a minor one and stated there were others
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and somewhat to our surprise the bleeding was followed by the
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other cases resulted less happily to all concerned. May such mis
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is poured upon a small quantity of tea in the cup which
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of railroads and the anxious enquirer will find this treatise useful
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months and she was under the care of one of the most learned
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duUaris second cases in which a primary atrophic change in the mucous
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she menstruated the hreasts had shrunk and al domen diminished
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here and abroad. Immense numbers were sold in Europe especially
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In insomnia from overwork and worr any of the milder hypnotics
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Massage and the Original Swedish Movements their Appli
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Has a peculiar odor of the Breath is without any specific
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Differential Diagnosis. A few diseases of the chest and abdomen
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by theories and doctrines which drew observation away from the
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and June there was much sickness and in the hospital
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general cedema both with weak heart and with organically diseased
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third ventricle has been reported by Peacock in ten cases and ten others
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increase the flow of urine by the beat diuretics we may well in
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was married in good health and had healthy offspring. He how
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has now been established that the pleurjc cannot secrete air.
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weU deserves every honour which the Society can bestow.
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determine the rhythm of an endocardial murmur. To resolve this difficulty
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uteri will give him immortal fameeven if he should never contribute
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did not wish it to be seen. Such were the practices of
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Various resolutions were submitted to and approved b the
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an attack of vomiting and oppression at the stomach enforced it
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pain over the hepatic region. In addition there was a considerable
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view that was again entertained fifteen hundred years later. In the
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as its capacity to transmit or communicate yellow fever or other
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may simultaneously be deficient in coloring matter we may conceive
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The variety of disorder characterized by diminished frequency of the
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down in tolerable content upon an ointment the efficacy of which
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causes increased oedema and there is a disposition to eczema and ulceration
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By increasing the regular annual term of college instruction to a
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it is a hopeful consideration that paroxysms may recur more or loss frequently
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JMoRBiD Anatomy. In acute pericarditis the serous membrane first be
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athletics were better than they once were there was less com
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examination is very strict and great care is taken that
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in the highest degree. Thus we inoculated not only the liquid fur
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thought will drive the would be discoverers to study the facts in the
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The President read the resolution by which the last six Presidents
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tion then alteration in the elimination and of course toxemia
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also a Link in the chain of events which are steadily